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Vital Stats

  • Model Year: 
  • Gender: 
  • Fit Profile: Narrow
  • Last Width: 98 mm
  • Flex Index: 
  • Sizes (MP): 
    24.5-29.5 (half sizes only)
  • Price (MSRP) USD$: 

Testers who have been tracking the Tracker's progress over the past few years said this was the best iteration yet. They said it was snug but comfortable, strong without being too over-edged and balanced for all-mountain moves. The Tracker 130 still fits at the shortest, tightest end of the narrow class hike mode group and it has one of the strongest on-piste characters of the bunch. Testers felt this was one of the few that bridged the Alpine/tour chasm for skiers with low-volume feet.

Speaking of low volume, the fit over the midfoot is still snug, but not as crushing as it has been in the past. The liner renovation that brought about this improvement also softened up the feel along the shin. Testers claimed that the shin fit and flex feel was one of the best in the category. The fit through the heel and ankle is true narrow-boot snug—an increasingly hard-to-find quality—but the forefoot provides some additional sixth toe soothing with the flexible Live Fit panel along the boot's lateral side. Testers with narrow heels and wide forefeet said the fit was dialed-in right off the rack.

The stance is on the aggressive end of the spectrum, at 18 degrees of forward lean with the spoiler in, 16 degrees with it removed. Some testers used the spoiler in front of the tongue to temporarily fill the fit gap that remained after pulling it from the rear; see your ABB bootfitter for a better long-term solution if you wind up in this situation.

Testers aren’t fond of Atomic's two-hole prong poker style cuff adjustment but it is functional once properly fiddled with. And while a few were initially confused about how it operated, testers appreciated the way the split powerstrap can be battened down to contain the tongue and maintain good shin contact while not becoming overly-tight elsewhere in the cuff. The hike mode was judged adequate as was the range of motion and weight feel. It’s no AT boot and our downhill-focused testers were fine with that.



Tester Comments


  • "Direct drive. Grabs your foot and waits for directions. So close through the ankle, instep and lower leg that it puts you in charge." Custom text: -- Mark Elling
  • "Solid edge hold. Gobbles big turns with Mercedes style control." Custom text: -- Larry "Laurent" Smith
  • "Excellent snow feel. Simple walk/ski switch and screw-on buckles." Custom text: -- Greg Coulter
  • "Feels like a non-touring boot. Very strong." Custom text: -- Bob Kuehn
  • "Atomic got it right. Great feel, balanced and ready to ski." Custom text: -- Ross Duncan
  • "Quick edge-to-edge. Great big mountain boot." Custom text: -- Nick Blaylock
  • "This is the best skiing version of the Tracker." Custom text: --


  • "Chilly toes." Custom text: -- Ross Duncan
  • "Powerstrap arrangement requires an aerospace degree to figure out. " Custom text: -- Greg Hoffmann

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