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It’s no secret that the key to skiing or snowboarding to the best of your abilities—and in the utmost comfort—is a pair of well-fit boots. Boots are the transmission and suspension of your gear set-up.

So when it’s time to find your perfect new boot, have modifications made to a less-than-perfect pair you need to wring another couple of years from, or dial your stance for maximum comfort and performance on snow, visit a boot fit pro at an America’s Best Bootfitters certified shop.

ABB shops are the ultimate skier and snowboarder resource for professional solutions for all things boot related. Our member shops are dedicated to making sure your precious days on snow are pain-free and filled with fun.

ABB shops are staffed by welcoming, committed professionals who have studied the science and art of bootfitting at Masterfit University, the only organization for specialized bootfit training in the U.S. and around the world. Many ABB fitters participate in the annual ABB boot test program to gain first-hand knowledge of the boots they sell.

At ABB shops you’ll find an customer-focused commitment to service through all phases of the snow gear buying process. You’ll experience a dedication to craftsmanship and professionalism that sets these shops far apart from typical snowsports shops and big box sporting goods retailers.

Hallmarks of ABB shop service include:

  • The ability to make effective and straightforward shell and liner modifications
  • Craft top-shelf custom footbeds and provide other affordable insole products
  • Implement cutting edge stance alignment solutions
  • A full complement of practical boot related accessories

For many ABB shops, boots are a specialty, but often it’s not the only one. You’l also find ABB shops are knowledgeable about skis and snowboards and experts in tuning them. Their shop-wide focus on service and professionalism make them a single-stop on the way to winter for smart skiers and riders.

So click on the FIND A FITTER button to locate an ABB shop near your home or an area you plan to ski or snowboard this season and slide with confidence and comfort this year!

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