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This year’s boot test racks at Mt. Bachelor were stocked with almost 300 pairs of the world’s best ski boots, spanning 125 different models for men and women from twenty different brands—and out of that pile almost half of them offered a hike mode feature. How do we test them all? We tested them over the course of a week in early April, on- and off-piste, through powder and Spring corn, and uphill as well as down—it’s grueling!

What did we discover? Well, mainly that it’s pretty hard to find a bad boot these days—they really do fit better, ski better and go on and off your foot better than they ever have. Well, what’s the point of a boot test then, you ask? We think it’s to drill down into how each boot fits and how it skis, and then paint an accurate picture of that boot so that you, the skier who would have loved to test with us but didn’t (sorry…), can whittle down the pool of options that your best boot ever is no doubt lurking in.

This year we tested boots within four categories: Technical Frontside, All-Mountain Traditionalist, All-Mountain Adventure, and Backcountry—and within each category made distinctions by last width. We tested a lot of top-shelf stuff but also tested many step-down models with softer flexes (and prices).

We invite you to check out the results from the biggest and best boot test in the world, and we hope that you’ll like both our reviews and our updated filter-searching system that lets you customize your quest for the ultimate boot. Here’s where that search starts—be sure it comes to a fruitful end at an ABB member shop near you!

–Mark Elling and Steve Cohen for the ABB Boot Test Team

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