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Vital Stats

  • Model Year: 
  • Gender: 
  • Fit Profile: Narrow
  • Last Width: 98 mm
  • Flex Index: 
  • Sizes (MP): 
    22, 23-26.5, 27.5
  • Price (MSRP) USD$: 

In the face of increasingly straight-legged stance angles, the Instinct holds out for a bit more aggressive rake forward—and testers liked it. There's a range of angles that work on snow and the Instinct marks the functionally forward side of the spectrum. Testers loved the progressive flex feel of the Instinct, noting that it had a long range of motion but didn't bottom out or collapse—though some of the taller and most aggressive gals wished they could add ten points to its 100 flex rating.

Few skiers will need to employ the width-expanding Custom Shell panels, say testers, who felt that the lower boot had more room than most in the category. This accommodating lower combos with a pretty snug fit in the upper; it won’t easily fit a calf with lots of girth. If that’s you but you like the rest of the package, check out the Instinct 90 CS. It has a roomier upper cuff with an adjustable rear that opens calf fit even further (and it costs $125 bucks less!).

Lateral power and quickness got tester-best performance scores but they mention that the boot has a bit of a bowlegged bias—good for some and requiring a cuff adjustment to mellow the inside-edginess for others.

Tester Comments

  • "Dynamic! Quickness side-to-side is impressive—inside edge dominance made edges feel sharp!" Liz Elling
  • "Nimble, responsive—very good flex for aggressive skiing." Nancy Bouchard
  • "The boot has a great flex feel with nice foot steering and ability to hold an edge." Carol Blackwell
  • "Consistent 100 flex. Cuff is tipped out—would be great for a bowlegged skier." Linda Parazoo
  • "Holds an edge okay." Kristina Revello
  • "Good side to side. Good looking boot." Kathleen Vandermoss
  • "Takes an effort to get them on. But I'd still like a pair." Nancy Bouchard
  • "Stance is overly forward and bowlegged." Kristina Revello
  • "Pretty wide and soft for a 100/100." Lee Ann Ross

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