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Vital Stats

  • Model Year: 
  • Gender: 
  • Fit Profile: Medium
  • Last Width: 100 mm
  • Flex Index: 
  • Sizes (MP): 
    24.5-29.5, 31.5
  • Price (MSRP) USD$: 

Atomic claims the Hawx is the "World's most-sold medium-fit boot"; and with good reason. The boot comfortably fits almost every foot type and impressed every tester with an inviting and warm initial fit. Once on snow, the Hawx soared. Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves.

This year's flagship boasts a strong 130 flex that will stand up to big, tall guys (usually attached to meaty feet that will fit fine in this roomy medium) and aggressive skiers who may have squashed the 120 in the past. Atomic's top end T3 liner is improved here this year with a new foam layer that provides more "memory." That means less pack-out and retention of the still-new pillow feel against the foot even after the core liner materials have set to the skier's foot shape.

Testers this year immediately noticed Hawx family traits here—a well blended combination of comfort warmth and instant skiability. They continued to say that this is a boot that just about anybody can slam on and go all day—no unbuckling, no worrying about how it skis.

The Hawx stance is fairly upright and the cuff and tongue are on the tall side. Its flex feel has historically been long and cushioned and that remained unchanged for the bigger, taller and more aggressive testers on the team who were able to engage the new firm cuff. Some of our shorter, lighter guys mentioned that they might opt for the more malleable 120.

Laterally, the Hawx is nimble and smooth—strong but without an aggressive bias to the inside edge. It’s ideal for crud and powder junkies, testers said. Dual cuff adjusters are on-board if needed.  The power strap is fat and functional, and the iFlex zones allow slight forefoot-flexing to match the arc of the ski (the effect is subtle—it’s not a tele boot).

Tester Comments


  • "Easy to ski. The new liner has a much better fit over the top of the foot than before." Custom text: -- Mark Elling
  • "A sweet blend of comfort and upper end skiability. Great anatomical fit." Custom text: -- Greg Hoffmann
  • "Stable and pretty quick. Very roomy forefoot." Custom text: -- Kevin Gabriel
  • "Very responsive laterally." Custom text: -- Jeff Harper
  • "All mountain ripper—excellent snow feel and great power!" Custom text: -- Greg Coulter
  • "Solid, predictable, easy to ski—slinky feel in junky terrain." Custom text: -- Jim Schaffner
  • "130 all day long—this is one powerful bird." Custom text: -- Chris Wiberg
  • "The combination of a dialed flex, strong carving power and high sensitivity makes for a great boot." Custom text: -- Bob Gleason


  • "Needs a big guy with a big calf to get forward" Custom text: -- Kevin Gabriel
  • "Bulky—not a hawk, more like a turkey." Custom text: -- Nick Blaylock
  • "Tongue hit me high on the shin—uncomfortable after one run." Custom text: -- Chris Wiberg

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