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Vital Stats

  • Model Year: 
  • Gender: 
  • Fit Profile: Wide
  • Last Width: 102 mm
  • Flex Index: 
  • Sizes (MP): 
    25.5-29.5, 30.5, 31.5, 32.5
  • Price (MSRP) USD$: 

Let' s exercise our deductive reasoning skills with this one. One, our testers say the Live Fit 130 could claim another few last width digits (or five!) than its marked 102mm. They judged this the widest wide-body on the wall. And that’s without engaging the stretchy Live Fit panels at the forefoot that allow the ultra-wide foot even more width expansion. Two, its 130 flex feels totally legit, testers say, making this perhaps the only truly wide 130 flex in existence. And three, this boot only has two buckles. So then, shall we not reasonably deduce that this boot has been designed for the biggest, fattest, laziest Sasquatch ever to roam the land?

You'd certainly think so, but then you read what our average foot sized testers said about the boot and you scratch your head—they loved it as much as the wide-foot folk on the team did. They noted a firm enough heel and ankle fit that engendered skiing movements to happen from  the rear control center of the boot—sort of like a firefighter steering the back wheels of an old-time hook-and-ladder rig.

Up front, all but the widest of feet floated about in the Live Fit’s bootosphere. Still, the rear foot hold and close-enough fit through the cuff did the trick. It’s all about balance testers said, and they thought the stance was dead-on side-to-side and front-to-back. A couple of testers mentioned that the combination of prodigious width, Live Fit stretch panels and the shell's three degrees of toe-out made the boot especially well suited for really duck-footed dudes, as it allowed the feet to seek a naturally abducted position over straight-ahead skis. But then again, regular old straight (and massive) feet guys did pretty well in it, too.

The two buckles seem to close shop nice and (relatively) snug but there's a 45mm Velcro power strap for boot top back-up as well. A single adjuster tilts the cuff laterally and it works effectively if there's enough foot and leg mass filling it up. The grippy soles are replaceable if you shuffle your big feet too much across the parking lot.


Tester Comments


  • "Skis way better than it looks. I think they have something with this Live Fit." Custom text: -- Marc Stewart
  • "Two buckles rule! Easy-peasy for lazy guys like me. Live Fit is cool." Custom text: -- Jim Schaffner
  • "I was really surprised by how well this boot skied." Custom text: -- Charlie Bradley
  • "For having a ton of room in the forefoot it's got decent heel hold." Custom text: -- Jeff Harper
  • "Lets the skis ride flat on the snow—high end luxury mini van." Custom text: -- Nick Blaylock
  • "Really amazed, dazed and confused—how can the widest boot in the category fit the foot better than some narrows?" Custom text: -- Greg Hoffmann


  • "I had shin pressure issues." Custom text: -- Jeff Harper
  • "Inside ankle bone pain for me." Custom text: -- Mark Elling

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