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Vital Stats

  • Model Year: 
  • Gender: 
  • Fit Profile: Narrow
  • Last Width: 99 mm
  • Flex Index: 
  • Sizes (MP): 
    24.0, 24.5-30.0
  • Price (MSRP) USD$: 

Imagine that an epic and perfect design of your favorite piece of equipment was developed—it could be a car, a bike, a titanium driver, whatever. And you had to have it, this perfect articulation of the set of ideal elements that would make you a better driver, biker or golfer.

 But you were slow in making that purchase. And so was everybody else. And those who looked had trouble finding it and then poof…it was gone from the market, suddenly vanished into a heartless profit and loss black hole never to be seen again. Wouldn't that story be sad?

 But now imagine that a company was to resurrect this product, breathing new life into it and bringing it back to market under a new name. Would you get off your ass and finally buy it? Well, that is the abbreviated history of the Scott G1 130, formerly the Garmont G1 130, rebadged and repainted after Scott's recent acquisition of the entire Garmont boot line. We won't bore you with the details other than to say you've been given a second chance at rewarding merit as it relates to alpine ski boots, and yes, this is a ski boot.

What being a ski boot means, at least in this no-holds-barred-just-a-step-below-race-boot-power-and generally-not-for-wimps category, is that it is tight and stiff and will probably require a trip to the bootfitter. But it will be worth it. If you are a skier.

 The fit is old and traditional (and awesome) but with modern shell mold tweaks like a pocket for the navicular bone and a pop out for the 6th toe. It is stiff as hell—the stiffest boot we tested. And it doesn't really have much in the way of "features" other than a Velcro spoiler (which is sort of old school hard plastic) a power strap and a dual set of soles (one alpine and one rockered touring). But that's okay, cuz it is what it is.

 The skier who will buy this boot (and word on the street is that it'll be a bargain if you can find it) is the guy who has a ripping boot that he doesn't really want to get rid of, but he knows the time is coming, and yet every boot he's tried on has left a sour taste in his mouth—too soft, too comfy, too weak. It just makes him sick. Well, this is your boot, studnutz. Time to put your money where your mouth is.

Tester Comments


  • "Fit and stance felt perfect. And power? Insane! I want this boot. But I'd have to re-paint it." Custom text: -- Kevin Gabriel
  • "Excellent. Reminiscent of the legendary Nordica Grand Prix." Custom text: -- Charlie Bradley
  • "Excellent. Reminiscent of the legendary Nordica Grand Prix." Custom text: -- Charlie Bradley
  • "The best boot nobody knows about." Custom text: --
  • "Classic-looking boot. Understated but solid. Not for the weak-willed." Custom text: -- Brian Elling
  • "As fast as you want—bring it!" Custom text: -- Mark Elling
  • "Functional and clean—confidence-inspiring at all speeds." Custom text: -- Larry "Laurent" Smith
  • "Its on-snow performance is its best aspect." Custom text: -- Greg Hoffmann
  • "Cat-like quickness!" Custom text: -- Erik Korman


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