All-Mountain Traditional

This broadest boot category offers skiers the widest array of fit and on-area performance options. All-Mountain Traditional boots are available in narrow, medium and wide lasts (see our discussion of last width) and in a huge spectrum of stiffnesses to suit skiers of any size or ability (see our discussion of flex index). The All-Mountain Traditional boot as we defined it for our boot test does not have a releasable cuff for hiking—it's designed to perform everywhere on the hill but it typically won't stray far from the chairlift.

All-Mountain Traditional boots are tuned with a little more suspension for off-piste conditions than Frontside boots—meaning the replaceable soles here are commonly more grippy and often rubberized for shock dampening, as can be their internal boot-boards. The current trend is for All-Mountain boots to either come mounted with GripWalk soles or have the option to purchase them as an accessory which will require a GripWalk compatible or multi-norm binding. All-Mountain boots' liners are usually more padded and insulating than race-bred styles and will vary in thickness and density depending on performance tier—higher performance models will tend to employ denser materials for better energy transmission and less pack-out, while lower-end models focus more on creature comfort and warmth.

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