LEKI products are developed and designed in Swabian Kirchheim/Teck. The poles are manufactured in our own production facilities in the Czech Republic in accordance with state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly methods. With passion and highly-qualified employees with many years of experience, LEKI has the goal of producing unbeatable products. Combining safety and comfort with an appealing design is our priority. The continuous exchange of ideas with experts and professional athletes helps us take full advantage of all different types of know-how. The result is well-thought-out products which our customers can rely on and will enjoy for years to come. With over 250, LEKI holds more patents and is responsible for more innovation than nearly any other manufacturer in the outdoor sports and skiing industry. The consistent implementation of this philosophy has made LEKI Lenhart GmbH the uncontested world market leader in poles and glove systems.

458 Sonwil Drive, Buffalo, NY 14225

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