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Dalbello splits its boots into two architecture families, three-piece and overlap shells. We've always been impressed with the cabrio designs from Dalbello, as they maintain their solid "real-boot" status of stance and transmission of movement while offering some cabrio-centric benefits. This year we are very impressed by the more traditional four-buckle overlap architecture found in the the new Veloce. Its clean lines evoke other sophisticated Italian go-fast icons like Ferrari and Ducati, but without any new fangled embellishment--testers used old-school to describe the Veloce 130 in a complimentary way.

Polyurethane shell, polyurethane cuff with a traditional tongue-style liner, four-buckles and a cam lock power strap--add to that a stance set-up that drilled the bullseye fore and aft as well as side to side and there's not much to frown about here, according to our test team.

The initial fit impressed testers for a combination of ease of entry followed by a very cozy address against the foot and leg--testers used words like silky, cushioned, smooth, contoured, luxurious to describe the liner feel but did not use any words like pack-out which would indicate that its fit wasn't all fluff. Testers said the grip on the foot was maintained in a firm enough way to enable high performance skiing but without any hot spots or discomfort. They said it suited medium width fit needs well, both in the lower and in the upper boot shaft where the boot top offered appropriate flare for a muscular calf without allowing excessive fore-aft balance seeking.

While the Veloce 130's high scores in both the Anatomical Fit and Convenience and Warmth parameters point to its A-game, testers gave its next highest scores in both the Dynamic Balance and Edge Power groups which parallel the many comments about its neutral positioning and stable, predictable command over the ski on hard snow at speed as well as through a broad variety of off-piste junk. Comments pointed to damp power reserves and tenacious edge hold taking a priority position over spritely agility and laser-quick direction changes but few testers complained about its steering accuracy or fast-twitch potential.

Some testers used the old-school moniker to discuss the shell's toebox shape--definitely well-rounded, literally, as opposed to oblique or squared-off but testers loved the fit for the toes nonetheless. The Veloce's return to a simple and straightforward lateral cuff adjustment appealed to our bootfitter tester types who also approved of the uncluttered bi-injection on the lower shell that offered benefits of bottom-end power transmission with softer wrapping plastic up higher on the shell without creating hazards for grinding or stretching where they'd be commonly needed. GripWalk soles come mounted on the boot as is the current fashion.

Bravo Dalbello! Veloce e un vincitore!


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  • “The combination of fit and balanced stance make this one a contender--edge power and quickness. The way this boot drives the ski is like being in the driver's seat of a Ferrari Formula One car. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Good balance between between comfort and skiability--I found it very easy to ski. Dalbello has been on the prowl for successful overlap 4-buckle models that pump up their offering. I think this boot is going to be the most successful model they have brought to market. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Super fit for Dalbello's medium width--the best 4-buckle, overlap medium last in a long time since the Viper or the Avanti, so home run! Its best quality for me is that it's not surprising--it's a solid boot that stands right, fits right and performance is right on the money. No hiccups, no real flaws. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Feels fantastic. Best liner of the test so far. Super stable and loves to be pushed hard. Felt like I was driving a Ferrari. Dalbello hit a home run with this new Veloce line of boots. Primo Veloce! ” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Felt good, so I wasn't thinking about the foot wearing the Dalbello. Noticed things were wrong with boot on other foot. It's a good sign when you forget you are testing and just enjoy the skiing. Quality, comfy boot. ” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “Good feel in the heel pocket--fits well, skis well. ” -- Jim Morris
  • “The fit has no issues. It is a snug containment for a 100mm last. The geometry is well appointed. This boot has a lively snap and well-graded elasticity in flex. The firm conditions today test the lateral power of a boot--this one stood out for strong command over the edge. Great skiing character blended with nice feel on the shin and smooth, consistent fit. ” -- Bob Gleason


  • “It's a little sluggish...more comfy and damp than locked-on and quick. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “A little pressure on the medial side of heel. A bit old school in weight and function. ” -- Bob Gleason

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