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This year's Tecnica Cochise 130 Dyn returned to our boot test unchanged from last year mainly to provide a gold-medal, category anchoring benchmark by which to compare other boots in the medium width Freeride group, and it didn't disappoint. It remains at the top of the heap there as one of the original hike mode boots that ski like all-mountain boots and it continued to impress our test team with its fit, downhill performance and touring competency.

The Cochise was one of the first to stake out the in-between widths middle ground of the 99mm last. Sure it might have primarily been a way to consolidate the line into one boot instead of a narrow and a medium, but it created a good fit tension solution for many skiers looking for just enough of a locked-in fit for a safely thrilling downhill combined with enough room and creature comforts to manage slogging along a skin track or boot pack mission without numbness and agony. Its updates over the years to liner and shell have been met with tester approval as an evolution of fit and performance that has not shown any real missteps along the way. Testers gave its fit ratings 3's across the board with a 4 thrown into the toebox and some 2's for the ankle and heel--essentially exactly what one would expect to see from a 99mm boot on a 1-to-5 tight-to-loose fit tension scale.

The Cochise remains one of those few Freeride boots that testers can honestly say skis as well as most fixed cuff boots--it would take very firm snow on race-bred skis for any weakness on the boot's part to become apparent, testers said. The stance is perfect (or at least it is without any noted complaint) and testers claim the balance of power and quickness is nicely blended for all-terrain exploration. While they would steer a skier toward the BC category Zero G line-up for serious, long touring applications, testers say the Cochise is more than adequate for the shorter "sidecountry" missions that would be most commonly asked of a Freeride boot.

The new ski mode lock-out mechanism is particularly nifty, if pretty small for actuation with anything other than bare fingers, and will provide an even higher level of confidence for those skiers prone to sending it. Testers still like the CAS shell's dimples for defined shell punches that keep their shape and size, as well as the always evolving CAS liner with its moldable-grindable exterior material. Yes testers generally like the up-hooking cam buckle power strap, though it makes it impossible to connect boots and sling them over a shoulder--Transpack anyone? The color remains a hit--testers haven't tired of this one yet.


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  • “The fit and feeling of connectivity improved as I skied. Very good envelopment of my foot. The fore-aft and lateral set-up was perfect for my skiing. Solid and powerful to the ski edge. I love the simplicity in the buckles and the cuff release mechanism. This model just keeps improving in both fit and performance. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Classic wire bails. Simple easy buckling. Excellent shelf appeal. ” -- Dana Cagen
  • “Anatomically contoured--settles snugly around the heel and ankle. Light, quick and powerful--like me! Consistency is the mantra at Tecnica these days. ” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “Good contact everywhere, no fit complaints. If the shoe fits rip it. Same as it ever was, no issues. ” -- Erik Korman
  • “Sweet feel right out of the box. A good downhill boot that can go uphill. Laterally so solid--some of the best turns of the day! Always was a good boot, and still is. ” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Skied very well. Foot was locked in--inspired confidence. Great performance for a hike mode boot. Very impressed. ” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “Superior fit in the category--nails the in between narrow and medium 99mm target. Cool hike mode lock feature once you figure out the little bugger. Nothing really new here and for good reason--great boot, still one of the best. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Perfect snug-medium. It just fits great, skis great, tours well, looks great. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “This is a well-engineered touring boot with everyday, on-resort use ability. The Cochise has evolved with continually improving function. ” -- Bob Gleason


  • “The Cochise felt heavy and bit lifeless--not so snappy. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Its forward flex's smooth travel to a hard stop was my only dislike. ” -- Stacy Crumpler

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