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The Tecnica Cochise Pro W Dyn returned to our boot test this time around unchanged from its entry a year ago. Why did we test it again? Well, the Cochise likes to beat up on the rest of the field and we didn't want to take that joy away from it. Our testers also wanted to see if their love for the Cochise last year might have been a fluke--but no, it seems that it was an accurate assessment. For example, last year its total average score was 4.72 with a 4.80 for Anatomical Fit and a 4.60 for Dynamic Balance. This year its total average score was 4.64 with a 4.80 for Anatomical Fit and a 4.60 for Dynamic Balance. What the numbers added up to this time was yet another podium finish in the Freeride category and another chance for testers to heap praise on this perennial favorite.

Testers had virtually no complaints about the fit, which they slotted right between narrow and medium width fit profiles, as you'd expect for a 99mm last. Some testers noted a more medium fit, with even a bit of extra flare, in the calf shape of the cuff which will appeal to a lot of skiers looking to avoid that jab in the back of the leg while touring. The heel and ankle pockets were described as anatomically contoured and without need for modification. The toebox and forefoot were appropriately roomy-enough for the target audience and the application of an occasional schlog in the skin track. The liner revisions of last year remain appreciated by the test team for its cleaner, seamless feel and expanded CAS customizing material used on the liner's exterior surface.

Power-wise the Cochise was well-received, with many comments of predictable, stable leverage against the ski on hard surfaces and at high speeds. Some testers said that the boot was more powerful and damp than it was laser-quick, but these were testers splitting hairs as most of the crew thought the balance of torque and agility was pretty evenly distributed. Stance angles were cited as ideal and neutral, with an absence of negative commentary about any alignment or balance issue.

Testers for the most part appreciated the unique features found on the flagship Cochise: a cam-buckle up-hooking power strap, Lift-Lock buckles that stay open and out of the way during touring (okay, there were a few comments of their annoyingness) and a nifty cuff release lock feature to prevent unwanted hike-moding while skiing. Testers weren't sure that the release lock actually solved a real problem but they agreed it was a cool doodad all the same, if a little small for gloved fingers to manipulate.

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  • “Great boot--skis so solidly! More open at the cuff for a bigger calf than you might expect with the 99mm lower fit.” -- Liz Elling
  • “This low/mid fit is a shape on its own. Don't expect it to fit a low-volume foot, don't except it to fit a mid-volume perfectly. It's perfect for that person who falls literally between the two fit profiles. For this class of boot, it skis really strongly, and you don't get the end ‘metal’ feeling from the hike mode, which is great. This means it can be used as a fit option in the world of alpine, not only hike and ride. Tapers well through the heel and instep. Toebox has space for the hike or skin uphill. Versatility of an every day resort boot, or side country/mild touring boot is perfect. Locking mechanism may be overkill as hike mode seems to stay connected well, drives firmly and seems to be true to flex. Again, not a super light mass boot, but maybe doesn't need to be for its purpose. Range of travel in touring mode is such great improvement from the previous version. ” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “What a difference from the old Cochise! Such a comfy liner! Fairly neutral, nothing too wacky going on. Skis strong, lock-out feature on buckles is great for tour mode. ” -- Emily Poore
  • “Really perfect medium fit through the forefoot, nice snug ankle pocket and then a tulip calf. This boot is the most anatomically perfect feeling boot for my foot. I love it! I love how it skis too--balanced and powerful. Love, love, love! Feels like coming home after a long, shitty vacation with your extended family. ” -- Kori Coggin
  • “Power strap gets the cam-buckle up-hook style like the guys, the top two buckles have hinge action for hiking flexibility when touring. Quick to find edge, snappy and fun boot! Celliant adds warmth and the Recco system never hurts to have integrated into a boot. Nice upgrades. ” -- Linda Parazoo


  • “Lock out feature on the buckles is a bit of a hassle when trying to just buckle up. ” -- Emily Poore

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