Boots in the Skiing Renaissance

What we've been reminded over the past couple years is that skiing sure is fun! Nothing like a pandemic-driven lockdown of society to make you re-appreciate sliding down a snow-covered hill, right? Okay, so everybody else had the same idea and the mountain commutes and lift lines have gotten a little crazy. While the mask-over-nose goggle fogging phenomenon may be over there's a new challenge: keeping one's cool in the midst of the like-minded crowds. It's been proven that warm and comfy boots will extend one's patience horizon and help avoid embarrassing on-hill conniption fits. An ABB bootfitter near you can help with that...

Little fit issues that we might have tolerated in the past are now suddenly deal-breakers when getting a whole day’s worth of ski fun has become the priority, and just popping in here and there for a quick boot fit tweak isn't always so easy anymore. Why do we bring this up now? The start of Fall is the start of the committed skier's boot search and bootfitting season! Get on it soon, get it dialed with an ABB bootfitter and don’t mess with it again once the snow flies--set it, then get it!

You can find a Masterfit University trained ABB bootfitter by using our Find A Fitter search, or by paying attention to the shops listed at the side of our boot reviews as you browse through them--those shops are are the nearest ABB dealers to you who carry the brand of boot you're reading about. Click on the shop and go directly to their profile page where you can contact them through a variety of different ways to continue your search--in a thankfully less-virtual fashion.


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