Nordica Sportmachine 130

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The Gist

The all-new 2018 Nordica Sportmachine takes the success of the Speedmachine and doubles-down on it by adding a 2 to the last width to nail a great-performing comfort ride, said testers who liked the combination of convenience, high-volume and straight forward skiing in this new 102 mm all-mountain boot.

The Fit

Take the roomy toebox and forefoot of the Speedmachine and blow it out a little more—testers said the tapered grip on the ankle and heel is not nearly that of the medium-width here, and they felt that the relaxed fit tension worked well for the meaty-footed target. Testers did not have any fit zone complaints—other than a lack of general contact if they had an average to lower-volume foot—and said that the anatomical shaping matched the foot shape well, just on a large scale. Super easy to put on and take off with an easy to operate closure system—what's not to love here, testers said.


Gets 'er done everywhere on the hill, they said, but maybe not with the quickest cadence turn to turn. The Sportmachine loved its medium and long radius turns and was smooth and stable, which testers approved of, but they said there's definitely a little turbo lag and slight disconnection from the ski when compared with its more slender brother Speedmachine. Stance angles were neutral, if a little bit upright for the guys with average to slender calves. Big calf muscles have room here and will put the leg just a bit more forward, testers ventured.

Cool Features

The Sportmachine 130 has the same trick Infrared shell molding system developed specifically for the Speedmachine—the infrared heater brings the shell up to ideal molding temperature and a suction-cup of varying sizes and shapes is applied to the hot shell and the suction pulls the punch into place. The only real disappointment in the system is the fact that it will be rarely used here, since the boot fits so well (and already huge) right out of the box.

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Sportmachine 120, $599; Sportmachine 100, $499; Sportmachine 90, $399
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XXL (32.0 and larger)
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  • 2017-18 Nordica Sportmachine 130 at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test
  • 2017-18 Nordica Sportmachine 130 at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test


  • “Good power to the edge and super easy on and off. Very warm.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “The fit and stance was money—my slippers were great in the pow!” -- Bret Acuff
  • “Fun to ski at moderate speeds—easy on and off!” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “Escalade feel—cushioned luxury with a beast inside.” --
  • “I didn't have to think, I just went—everywhere I wanted!” -- Eino Holm
  • “The liner really flowed around all the problem areas a foot could have—skied great!” -- Mike Evans


  • “Very dead feel—miniscule sweet spot.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “A little soft for a 130 flex—big guys might crush this boot.” -- Kevin Anderson

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