Tecnica Ten.2 85 W

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The Gist

The 2018 Tecnica Ten.2 85 W is a cushy-cozy cruiser full of calf-love for intermediate and advanced skiers seeking a killer deal. Testers loved the massive amount of room in the cuff—enough for the thickest of legs, they said, and they praised how well this softy skied on-piste and off. We don't only test a brand's highest performing models—this 85 flex has a bigger, stiffer sister at 95—because some skiers are looking for an easier-going flex at a more affordable price. The Ten.2 85 W was one of the best-scoring of the women's so-called "Soft-Value" entries this year.

The Fit

Testers said that for as roomy as the cuff was on the lower leg, the lower boot still managed to control the heel and ankle for strong skiing movements. They also loved the plush feel of the Merino wool liner draping across the foot. The instep fit on the Ten.2 is one of the highest available, so high-volume feet should gravitate this way.


The Ten.2 85 W punched above its weight class, handling strong carves on firm snow and higher speeds just fine, though testers caution that the forward flex won't hold up to bigger, stronger skiers—they should bump up to the Ten.2 95 W for a little extra fore-aft support. But for those who roll with a little more relaxed attitude, this 85-flex will more than deliver, and at a super price.

Cool Features

This boot is made for the thicker-legged gal (or those who just don't like too snug a grip on the leg shaft), and with an eye toward even more calf caressing, here you'll find Tecnica's Cuff Adapter feature, an Allen key adjustment that opens the calf fit an additional 12 mm.

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Ten.2 95 W, $480
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  • 2017-18 Tecnica Ten.2 85 W at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test
  • 2017-18 Tecnica Ten.2 85 W at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test
  • 2017-18 Tecnica Ten.2 85 W at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test


  • “Big, strong girls can lay it over—it's solid! Awesome calf adjustment.” -- Emily Poore
  • “Excellent balance with a smooth flex pattern—great buy!” -- Nancy Bouchard
  • “Cozy like a slipper without losing performance—the calf adjustment is innovative!” -- Patti Zuber
  • “What a cruiser! The more voluminous of foot will love how it feels.” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “These will blow the doors off your husband's 130's—get ready to dust his ass!” -- Ashley Teren


  • “Not the highest quality power strap.” -- Ashley Teren
  • “Gentle steering—like driving a sweet old car in Cuba.” -- Sam Tischendorf

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Warren, VT
Sandpoint, ID
Schweitzer, ID
Golden, CO
Taos Ski Valley, NM
Telluride, CO
Telluride, CO

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