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The 2018/2019 Dalbello DS 110 W was tested in the women's All-Mountain medium width category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

The all new 2019 Dalbello DS 110 W is an all-mountain cruiser's dream said testers who loved how easy it went on and off and appreciated the ease of fit in this generously fitting medium width. No drama slippers for sliding the groomed and the hill's not-too-gnarly was the tester thumbnail. According to our team nothing was out of place or unnecessary—all of what you need to get around the mountain and none of what you don't.

The Fit

The crew agreed that the DS 110 W runs long and on the roomiest side of the medium last width group, with the majority of testers using lots of evenly distributed 4's in the Fit Impressions matrix (3's would be standard fit tension scores for a medium). But they didn't necessarily complain about the extra room, just noted that a wider, thicker foot would do well in the lower boot and average to thicker legs would fit nicely in the cuff. The liner feel was widely praised for its initial cushioning and level of luxury.


Testers thought the flex was a bit under the 110  mark and found it preferred a lighter touch with the shin. They loved how the DS 110 W rolled side to side in flawless edging transitions from turn to turn, especially on predictable surfaces. Cruisey, predictable fun for intermediates and light-touch experts who place a premium on comfort was the consensus.

Cool Features

The Power Cage shell and cuff construction utilizes a framework of thicker, stiffer polyurethane in the boot rail (very bottom) and into the rear spine of the boot to provide power and stability where it's needed while incorporating a thinner, softer polyurethane in less critical areas where better wrapping for improved fit is needed—seemed to work for testers. The DS's single sided upper cuff adjustment is renamed Intuitive Canting—not our favorite terminology—meaning that three words (Neutral, Sport & Race) are used to describe the cuff positions 0.0, +0.5 and +1.0, respectively, achieved via the rotary cam mechanism. The boots come set to the 0.5 "out" Sport position. The Variable Ramp Angle feature is an insert that increases the bootboard ramp angle by 1.0-degree.

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  • “Calling all bluebird, blue square cruiser babes! You're going to love the way this boot floats like a Cadillac—it's perfect provided that your goal is to slide and cruise. I'd recommend this boot to my bigger legged beginning to intermediate adult students.” -- Ashley Teren
  • “Roomier side of medium width--definitely good comfort with initial fit, and something about their buckles worked a treat. It has a nicely rounded toebox feel—the foot was gently cradled by the DS Cadillac. A really easy ride—you can relax making big turns.” -- Sam Tischendorf


  • “Cuff angle adjustment needed, but it's labeled stupidly. Sport = stock-neutral. Neutral = in. Race = out. WTF?” -- Melodie Buell
  • “Far too soft and collapsing in flex when taxed—the flex smooshed to nothing resulting in an overly forward position.” -- Sam Tischendorf

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