DaleBoot VFF Pro

Model Year
All-Mountain Traditional
Last Width
100 (tested) 92-114 range
Flex Index
120 (tested) 100-120 range
Price (MSRP)
The 2018/2019 DaleBoot VFF Pro was tested in the men's All-Mountain medium width category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit, but the VFF Pro is a fully custom built boot and can be made a narrow, medium or wide.

The Gist

The 2019 DaleBoot VFF Pro's top scores were for its initial fit and feel, its quickness and its ease of entry and exit—and that fairly sums up the best elements of this fully custom-built boot. Its fit is built to a customer's individual specs and a variety of DaleBoot/Intuition custom liners fine tune that personalized shape. The thin shell and all-polyether plastic construction was light and cool way before lightweight was cool. The three-piece design, in concert with a spiral-wrap liner is hands-down the absolute easiest to slide in and out of.

The Fit

There's really no way to go try on a DaleBoot to decide whether or not to buy it—well, you could try on some generic sample at a DaleBoot dealer shop to get a feel for how it goes on and buckles up, but that's about all you'd get. You might even get scared off—the non-customized DaleBoot experience is so different from the full-meal-deal custom program which is their business model. We know because to be fair to other brands at the test we have asked them to submit off-the-rack models in addition to their custom-built-for-tester models. Some testers loved the generic test samples, others not so much, but every tester was stoked on the VFF Pro that was built just for him. The shell and cuff are selected to match the foot and leg, then modified as needed prior to leaving the Salt Lake City factory. The pre-selected Intuition liner is molded to the skier at his local dealer shop to finalize the fit. So, the fit isn't a narrow or a medium or a wide—it's you.


The VFF Pro now comes with a revised upper cuff design (taller with a stiffer, thicker back area) to create a stronger feel on snow over previous versions we've tested. This did not create any loss of feel in the lower shell, which remains one of the most sensitive and in-tune with the ground of any boot we've tested. The lower boot has two unique design features that give it such touch—a very thin but stiff polyether shell wall and a three-quarter length bootboard that puts the ball of foot directly on the floor of the shell. The flex feel is able to be adjusted by the skier with the rear spring-loaded cable closure from long and soft to progressive and firmer—laterally the power comes from the rigid plastic of the lower boot and the new more powerful cuff design. Testers praised the VFF Pro's unique combination of fit, snow feel and smooth flex.

Cool Features

The best feature of the VFF Pro is that all custom fitting, modifications, and stance alignment is included in one price through DaleBoot partner dealer shops. The stance alignment part of the equation is finalized with the application of snap-on, canted soles if needed—a very effective canting solution found only on DaleBoot.

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VFF, $825
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XXL (32.0 and larger)
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  • “The custom wrap liner and shell built custom at the factory makes for a good first impression. A few tweaks that can be done in-house makes for an easy fit process.” -- Chris Wilde
  • “It's custom built, so it's not surprising that it's super comfy with zero hot spots--most comfortable boot of the test so far. Quick because it's light and the low cuff makes for agile foot steering. So easy in and out.” -- Steve Cohen
  • “Custom fit and custom shell matches my foot perfectly. Easy in and easy out--warm and comfy. Great blend of comfort and control for the target skier.” -- Jim Schaffner


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DaleBoot has been manufacturing fully customized, high performance ski boots since 1969.  This has been our singular focus, and we’ll guarantee your fit with a liner and a shell that’s 100% customized to your individual spec’s. Not only will it fit better, but you’ll ski better..!  How? In addition to the customization, we perform a thorough athletic assessment to determine stance balance requirements and then provide each skier with neutral fore/aft and lateral stance balancing within the boot and on the ski.

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