Fischer My Cruzar 80 Powered by Vacuum

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The 2018/2019 Fischer My Cruzar 80 Powered by Vacuum (PBV) was tested in the women's All-Mountain wide category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

Our test team typically tests so-called "vector models" from each brand, meaning the brand's top tier performance model (i.e. stiffest) that may spawn other softer, less-expensive models below it in the range. But we also test Soft-Value entries—softer flexing, less expensive models that often show surprising bang for the buck. Testers said the My Cruzar 80 PBV is one of those sleepers—at only $300 (list!) it punched well above its performance weight class they said.

The Fit

The lower boot is made of Vacu-Plast, Fischer's low-temp heat moldable plastic, so while testers thought the 103 mm shell felt about right (and roomy) for a wide-ride, the Vacuum fitting process could adjust the fit wider (up to 5 mm) if needed. Most testers gave the lower boot and calf fit evenly wide scores, as expected, though a couple testers mentioned that the lower calf (soleus muscle, aka cankle) was a little more snug than expected for the width class.


Powered by a stronger-than-billed flex feel and a cuff that stood slightly taller on the leg and more upright than the category average, testers said the My Cruzar 80 PBV held its own for edge power and stability with models 20-points stiffer and 200-bucks spendier! They liked the way it rolled laterally from turn to turn, engaging the skis' edges with a predictable, stable feel regardless of radius or surface.

Cool Features

A couple testers mentioned that the stance was set up a little "out," or supinated for the foot and bowlegged for the lower leg, so for skiers who feel the same it may be worth doing a Vacuum molding, which we've shown in previous custom tests can improve stance alignment slightly. There isn't a lateral cuff adjustment on this one. Testers liked the straightforward closure of 4 buckles and a power strap. The liner is a well-cushioned fuzzy one with a tongue pull loop and seamless tongue construction over the top of the foot—testers approved.

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  • “Here's a substantial feeling boot for the price tag. Side-to-side movements are good—easy to roll from turn to turn. Flex is firm for an 80 and starts from an upright position, so pretty stable and strong. I think a lot of women would like this boot!” -- Liz Elling
  • “It has a good, wide foot feel in the lower boot, though a little snug for a wide in the cankle area. The flex is much stiffer than an 80, with a tall and upright cuff, so it's better for skilled skiers than the 80 flex might suggest.” -- Emily Poore
  • “So, so, so comfortable!” -- Melodie Buell


  • “The stance set-up is pretty bowlegged, really pushing my knees out--foot feel is rolled out too. Powered by Vacuum fitting might make some alignment change. The upright cuff and stiffer-than-expected flex might spell trouble for Beginner Backseat Betty.” -- Emily Poore

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