Fischer RC Pro 130 Vacuum Full Fit

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The 2018/2019 RC Pro 130 Vacuum Full Fit was tested in the men's All-Mountain medium width category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

Testers said that the 2019 Fischer RC Pro 130 Vacuum Full Fit is a luxury S.U.V. built for big guys with thicker feet and legs looking for the kind of All-Mountain performance that stems from a dialed stance and a solid-enough, progressive flex.

The Fit

Roomy throughout and ultra-comfortable was the tester takeaway on this 100 mm, with most in agreement that it fit borderline wide-ride. They didn't mind this so much, and thought that the fit shape was well matched for a thicker foot and leg, but they placed it well on the wide end of the medium group's fit tension spectrum. The liner feel is well cushioned—more so than most boots at the 130 performance tier—which gave the RC Pro 130 more of a Lexus RX interior feel than, say, Audi R8. Nobody was really complaining about the luxuriant fit, let's put it that way.


The stance angles of the RC Pro pleased our test team, who felt well-centered in all directions and ready to ski. When compared with other medium-widths, quickness and power scores lagged a bit simply by virtue of the extra space and cushioning  that sapped some transmission of movement, but testers agreed that compared with other wide class rides (or perhaps if tested by thicker footed folk) the response and quickness would be right on target.

Cool Features

While most people assume that customizable shell technology is all about making a fit more open, Fischer's unique Vacuum fitting system can tighten a boot's fit by way of controlling the compression level of the molding bladders during the Vacuum process. The moniker, Vacuum Full Fit, indicates that this boot is Vacuum system customizable in both the lower shell and upper cuff.

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  • “More room inside than the others in the category –well cushioned liner felt like a favorite blanket or pillow. Smooth and progressive edge power.” -- Mike Evans
  • “Excellent set-up. This boot felt very natural and easy to find center and deliver power to the ski--felt strong deep in the turn. Very good for a variety of turn shapes.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “They look wider than they feel. The liner is quite couch-like—it has a plush quality without being too soft. I felt surprisingly connected for such a thick liner. Has an ideal stance with a pleasantly grounded feel. Damp underfoot feel with a lot of torque--quiets the hard stuff nicely. Cushioned and comfy, this is a big guy's utility vehicle. Go anywhere and do anything with comfort.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Really soft for a 130. Huge cuff flare leaves slender legs searching for center.” -- Charlie Bradley


  • “They are a little on the bulky side.” -- Marc Stewart

This boot available at...

Missoula, MT
Teton VIllage, WY
Breckenridge, CO
Golden, CO
Pagosa Springs, CO
Taos Ski Valley, NM
Chicago, IL

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