Rossignol Allspeed Pro 120

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The 2018/2019 Rossignol Allspeed Pro 120 was tested in the men's All-Mountain medium width category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

Testers didn't vary their scores much on the 2019 Rossignol Allspeed Pro 120, using a lot of 3's (medium) and "ideal" checkboxes to describe its fit, flex and stance. A few testers claimed this one was the benchmark model that all other medium-width performance boots should be judged by. In its third annual boot test appearance it found itself in a virtual three-way tie for the silver medal in the All-Mountain medium width group (and dammit, just edged out once again by its factory-frenemy Lange RX 130).

The Fit

Aside from agreeing that the Allspeed Pro 120 (like most other Rossi's) fits a little longer than most other models in the group, everything else got chalked-up right down the middle for a perfect mediumish fit tension throughout the lower boot, instep and up into the cuff. Testers called the heel and ankle pocket accurately snug and said there was just enough room at the forefoot for the ball of the foot to spread to the floor for balance, but with no remaining slop. Balanced containment, one tester called it—and all echoed that it had a nice blend of cushion and proper grip on the foot.


Complaints on the Allspeed Pro's on-snow performance were virtually non-existent. Smooth and predictable. Muscular and athletic. Lively and nimble. Testers found that it did it all, and without much adjustment. Test forms universally mentioned that it made skiing fun and easy.

Cool Features

Aside from Thinsulate Platinum laminates used in the liner and an option to slap on GripWalk soles (for use with GripWalk compatible bindings), the features are standard fare, four-buckles, Velcro powerstrap, single side cuff adjustment and two liner pull loops.

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  • “Very clean and simple. Well balanced with predictable skiing qualities that make it easy to make direction changes using only the foot and ankle, and yet it's very solid on edge. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Wow, me likey--first impression very positive--I think I'm gonna like this boot! The initial fit got me excited and this boot did not disappoint out on the hill. Great centered position in all conditions with a smooth, even flex that kept the skis right where they needed to be. Spot-on precision--initiate the turn and enjoy the ride!” -- Lance Cygielman
  • “In completely overcast and zero visibility I turned it over to the Rossis with the red. They Obi-Kanobe-Star-Wars guided me through the track to the mother star and left my body in ski bliss. I'm still out there somewhere and they have my back (and front). I want to wear these boots to dinner and take them to bed (can I please take them back to MN?).” -- Mark Korman


  • “Has a heavy feel to it which maybe leaves it a bit sluggish compared to some other boots in this category.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “The lack of connection around the foot made for a clammy, soft handshake with the ski, and the cuff seems a bit big--had to buckle it down quite a bit to wrap the leg.” -- Charlie Bradley

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