Rossignol Track 130

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The 2018/2019 Rossignol Track 130 was tested in the men's On-Off Area wide category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

The Rossignol Track 130 returned sans-change to retain its spot in the top group of wide last boots with a hike mode. As far as our research shows, the Track 130 (and Track 110, 90 & 80) is the only true 104 mm last boot with a cuff release on the market. Wide boots made for walkin' and talkin', but probably not a lot of touring—this is a convenience or "apres" mode on a well-made cruiser that will handle what gets thrown its way, said testers.

The Fit

The lower boot isn't just boat-like, it's a shipping-container ship of a boat, with maxed-out width available in toebox, forefoot, navicular area and along the lateral side of the foot! Testers liked the shape—it was foot-like, just not much like their feet. It will take a lot of hoof to fill the shoe here, but there are plenty of guys looking for just that, and often they can use a stout 130 flex cuff. Speaking of the cuff, we found it slightly firmer and narrower at the boot top than might suit a big muscular calf but liner molding helped relax that fit zone, as well.


As with other Rossignol boots, testers love the stance angles (if a tad upright) and can bank on a predictable turn initiation and finish regardless of terrain or snow surface because even if the boot is roomy, the heel and ankle are always held properly. The Track 130 utilizes the same Posi-Block cuff release as the rest of the Alltrack family, and testers like the simplicity of the actuation and the solid way it connects upper to lower for performance skiing but they gave it demerits for the cuff's lack of range of motion when released.

Cool Features

The Track 130 offers a larger, co-molded soft plastic insert at the shell's instep for even easier entry and exit—stuff 'em in there no-handed in the parking lot and kick 'em off later in the bar! Unique to the Track line-up for men and women, WinTherm "active" thermal insulation (micro-perforated aluminum membrane) is incorporated in the liner to reflect heat back toward the foot. For enhanced walkability, aftermarket GripWalk soles are available for use with GripWalk compatible bindings.

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Track 110, $650; Track 90, $500; Track 80, $350
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  • “Perfect wide boot--kinda wide but doesn't feel so big that you aren't touching the shell. Contact with liner is nice and comfy without that boaty feel. A bit soft, but Bubba gets a walk mode. Yeehaw!” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “You get a very good sense of the shell despite its voluminous quality--well seated fit in all zones. A high volume boot that still has noticeable contouring and a firm, uniform hold. Always well-positioned and ready to ski with a progressive and firm flex feel. Never forced to make any radical adjustments in balance and position--familiar and natural--forgot I was skiing in a pretty wide boot! Well made, clean-looking boots. ” -- Marc Stewart


  • “Demerits for the low, abrupt cuff—too tight there for a 104mm. The low ramp, low and upright cuff, huge instep fit all combine to put you in the back seat, but a bigger calf and a foot with a thicker instep would help.” -- Mark Elling

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