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The 2018/2019 Salomon X Pro 130 was tested in the men's All-Mountain medium width category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

We have tested the Salomon X Pro in different stiffnesses and versions--we were happy to test it again this year in our favorite variant, the 130 flex in the original polyurethane TwinFrame shell and polyurethane cuff. One tester said it felt like home, another said it skied like a Mack truck and a third said comfort is king—classic X Pro commentary from testers with a perspective on this iconic boot. Testers said that for the vast majority of skiers it remains an ideal combo of off-the-shelf fit, performance and custom fit options.

The Fit

Once in and buckled, most testers praised the well-padded and evenly proportioned fit in the lower boot. Testers especially like the room along the outer border of the foot and the ease of fit at the forefoot (improved from its previous polyamide shell iteration) Some testers mention there's a little slow-down on entry to get past the throat of the boot, where the fit was close over the instep for some testers. Many love the command center this instep fit creates while others mentioned they'd go for the 360 Custom Shell process to relax the fit there. Testers unanimously liked the ideal, luxuriant feel against the shin and they said the cuff height was perfect, as were its angles in every direction.


If some boots are plundering beasts and others are flitting waifs, the X Pro 130 finds a nearly ideal spot in the middle, but perhaps hedging a touch toward the strong and stable, more manly side of the spectrum. It's a predictable, damp and confidence-inspiring ride, say testers, rather than a finicky, fast-twitcher. Most testers commented that the off-the-shelf fit was good to go and so was the performance attitude—put it on, go ski, have fun. A couple thought its damp nature made it a touch sluggish but we told them they were slow.

Cool Features

Salomon was one of the earliest adopters of the whole-shell cook and customize craze, and the 360 Custom Shell fit process still remains one of the coolest fit options for the X Pro 130. We've found the process most useful when the boot is slightly too tight everywhere after liner molding, but it's also extremely effective in opening up the fit at the instep and at the boot top where more traditional methods may not always nail it on the first try. There's no cuff adjustment here but we've found that Custom Shell molding will allow some stance adaptation for the better when needed.

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  • “Puts me where I want to be. The lateral column fit is brilliant. Very comfortable, matches me and my feet. Steering is precise, with even some rebound when loaded--for a MV, it has great control and snow feel. This boot skied great from the first turn.” -- Jackson Hogen
  • “Fore-aft support is good and it's predictable side to side as well—as quick as you wanna be, but comfort is king!” -- Erik Korman
  • “Boa-constriction-like fit around the instep—but in a good way, cinched in for sure! Wide in the front TIGHT in the back! Well contoured from instep all the way through the upper cuff. Has a surplus of power every which way! Much improved styling and color scheme.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Very stable with a wide application range before being out of balance. Doesn't waver in moves from edge to edge. Solid, stable, directional--set a course and it will follow it like it's on the GPS. I've always liked the two-position instep buckle, it makes a difference for many.” -- Steve Cohen


  • “Pretty fluffy fit at the front, but a bit tight over instep, styloid, and navicular, with a generous heel ankle—kinda disjointed fit that needs custom molding for me.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Kinda put me on my heels but skied pretty well nonetheless. A little boggy at slower speeds on flatter terrain.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Not really a 130, but no big deal.” -- Jackson Hogen

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