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The 2019/2020 Lange RS 130 was tested in the men’s Frontside category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

Once again, testers put the Lange RS 130 at the top of the Frontside category, backing up their decision with a slew of superlatives that speak to its ideal blend of anatomical fit, agility underfoot and unstoppable edge power and stability. The other boots in the group were similarly near flawless piste-beasts, so what set’s the RS 130 apart? It’s comfort and conveniences scores were head and shoulders above the rest—it’s a lovable beast, and a benchmark best of test, testers said.

The Fit

The challenge for Lange with this revised RS wasn't just to come up with a new shell and liner but to come up with both of those that were better than what they already had, which was pretty damn good. The shell was tightened internally in the heel pocket but also made more defined in the ankles. The liner is more anatomically sculpted with firm pre-molded material in the ankle and heel area and its exterior material is stiffer and also precisely matched to the interior shape of the shell. Testers said mission accomplished, again—the fit is stronger in the heel and more comfortable in the ankle, but with an even, performance-minded grip all along the foot and into the cuff. From the initial entry to the end of each tester's on-snow session, they said the fit was an ideal wrap of the foot and the leg.


Externally, the shell of the RS 130 is thicker in the heel counter and up through the spine of the cuff than in the past for a more powerful drive train, and modifications were made to the thickness of plastic in key areas to enhance feel for snow and prevent a fold-over flex feel when taxed. In both the shell and upper cuff, Dual Core construction employs a less dense plastic sandwiched between higher density plastic to generate a tensile energy in the material itself. Testers don't know how they did it, but they agreed on all counts again this year—stronger, more tactile, and quicker all around. Testers mentioned again that the turn seemed to start earlier and felt more round from start to finish than with the RS boots of old.

Cool Features

Everything a high performance skier needs and nothing else here: removable rear spoiler, double liner pull loops, cam lock power strap, single side set-screw cuff adjustment, easy-open bottom buckles and a toe dam that doesn't leak.

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  • “Great snug fit--the fit and feel speak performance. For a low volume performance boot, the RS 130 is a benchmark. The initial feel is a supportive, contained grip. The shell is powerfully well-tuned. I would ski these every day--solid, strong, comfortable and as good as there is. This is a strong skiing, close fitting ripper.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “This is the fit and performance role model for the entire industry and the reason Lange is the most copied design ever. More power than Stalin. Crushes everything in its path. ” -- Jackson Hogen
  • “Classic Lange fit--you can feel the history when you slip them on. Aesthetically super pleasing! Supremely balanced with a precise and commanding feel for the snow and terrain. Super solid edging power instills confidence, it’s lightning quick and surprisingly high on the creature comfort scale given the performance level.” -- Neal Scholey
  • “Liner feel is very encompassing and even around entire foot--very positive contact. Best of Test for fit, feel and performance.” -- Jack Rafferty


  • “Too tight for me. It put my feet to sleep.” -- Jim Morris
  • “The liner's ankle pads are so firm and thick they shut down my circulation.” -- Jackson Hogen

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