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The 2019/2020 Nordica Promachine 130 was tested in the men's All-Mountain Traditional narrow category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

One tester said, as you buckle, the engine revs! And out of more than 20 individual tests the comments about a tight yet perfectly-mapped fit were virtually universal. The combination of a tightly, deep-seated heel fit with just enough room over the top of the foot for circulation and uniformly snug contact throughout the rest of the boot had testers fired up to ski. Testers said the light-but-strong Tri Force shell construction did not disappoint while on edge (trenching) or in rapid fire transitions to set the next rail.

The Fit

One tester said of the Promachine 130, just trying them on sets high expectations, and that sums up testers' fit impressions pretty well. They were excited to get this one on snow as soon as they buckled up, because they felt that this narrow fit like a narrow should. However, testers were simultaneously shocked that it did so with such well placed curves following the foot that it avoided the usual narrow boot hot spot map. Only testers with high, bony insteps and prominent styloids (base of the 5th metatarsal) had any complaints that would require a bootfitter's assistance.


The slimmed down, thin-shell polyurethane shell and cuff gives the Promachine 130 a light feel in hand, but testers assure that there is no resulting deficit in the power department. That it scored an average of 4.86 (out of 5) for Edge Power & Fore-Aft Support after 16 individual tests is a validation of the fact that lightness doesn't only mean quickness—though its scores there bear out that it wasn't a slouch there, either. Testers repeatedly commented that the Promachine 130 had race boot guts, especially on hard snow at high speed, but maintained an easily moderated throttle feel and could feather and smear on demand, a skill which Frontside boots often lack.

Cool Features

The Tri Force shell and cuff construction utilizes a mix of thinner and thicker plastics in different stiffnesses to create a rigid, transmissive boot that still wraps the foot and goes on and off easily—good features. The IsoTherm 3D Cork Fit liner is well sculpted to match the foot and the shell's interior incorporates its namesake wicking laminate to keep this slim boot warm and dry. Testers liked the GripWalk soles which come mounted on the boot, as well as the standard feature stuff you'd expect at this trim level like dual lateral cuff adjustment, dual liner pull loops, 45 mm power strap (with the Power Driver plate) and removable Velcro rear spoiler.

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  • “Wow, this thing's great! The fit is pretty damn good everywhere—just a little extra room in the toebox and forefoot and then everything else is locked in and well padded. Skis like a raped ape—great throttle response. Super new addition to the Nordica line up.” -- Mark Elling
  • “This is how a narrow boot should fit. Tight but not painful at all. Gentlemen, start your engines! So powerful. I'd give it Best in Category and this category is so loaded with good boots. I could make this my boot in a heartbeat. Nordica is killing it!” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Tight in all the right places, and not a hot spot to be found--surprisingly comfortable. It stood strong throughout the turn, no wavering. Reactive but forgiving enough for mortals. Manly buckles, love the chrome tips--looks like a 1960 Dodge tailfin. The big Power Driver front spoiler integrated into the power strap functioned well.” -- Steve Cohen
  • “I could forget I was testing and just ski--fast and solid. No gaps in its resume—you can totally trust it. Best Nordica in ages for non-racer. Finally! The fit is accurate and the boot puts you into position to succeed. In short, this boot rocks.” -- Jackson Hogen
  • “Racy fit in an All-Mountain boot--liner envelopes the foot nicely in all the right places. Super solid edging boot and screaming fast edge to edge—this will satisfy the demanding high-performance skier.” -- Neal Scholey


  • “Wow, tight over the midfoot and on the styloid—a little numb. Entirely fixable issues.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “A real 98 mm boot should not be an out of the box love experience (which this is). So, on the one hand I am really psyched that this fits me so well right off the rack, but on the other hand I know I do not possess a 98 mm sort of foot. What gives?” -- Jim Schaffner

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