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The 2019/2020 Tecnica Mach1 HV 130 was tested in the men's All-Mountain Traditional wide category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

Testers say again that the Mach1 HV 130, is the perfect example of how the DNA of a top-shelf narrow boot should be passed down to its wide-last brother after their tests were concluded this year. All the dominant family traits (stance, power, quickness, comfort) remain intact, and without any downside, testers said. Huge scores were awarded for both its overall wide body fit (curvy not fat!) and its ski-driving power. Quickness scores were still above average—testers say fill with foot to improve on that.

The Fit

The Mach1 HV 130 (and 120) are the "performance wides" of the now two-tiered HV group. The Mach1 HV 130 is distinctly wider and more open through the instep and at the boot cuff than its narrower bro, MV in about the same amount of differentiation as the MV is from the LV, testers said. The Mach1 HV 130 is designed to perform as well as both the other Mach1's and as such has a still-firm feel in the ankle and heel. Testers said this is no bucket, but will make a lot of thick footed rippers very happy. For those looking for a boot where the premium is placed on comfort with some limited trade-off in performance, the Mach Sport HV boots (not tested) may offer a perfect match.


Testers were hopeful that the 103 mm Mach1 would deliver on the performance promises made by virtue of their experiences with the LV and MV Mach1's and they were not disappointed. Test forms were filled with many comments that the line-up had not lost a step in stepping up the volume of fit. Solid, powerful, quick were oft-used terms to describe the HV's descent attitude. Some testers said the flex was a little shy of the 130 mark established by MV and LV.

Cool Features

The Custom Adaptive Shape (C.A.S.) bootfitting features are the same here as they are on all the Mach1 boots for men and women—the C.A.S. shell is dimpled in common fit problem areas to aid with heat stretching and the C.A.S. liner is both heat moldable and grindable. In addition to these helpful fitting tools, the Lift Lock buckles are handy—they stay locked open when pushed to their end stop and the Power Lock power strap hook-in-loop connection sidesteps having to thread the strap webbing through a cam-lock buckle every time.

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Mach1 HV 120, $720
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  • “Skis as well as the other Mach 1's but with a more relaxed fit. Though it's roomy, there's still enough fit tension to power this 130 flex boot. Very centered and balanced boot for all terrain and all conditions, and very powerful when I took the speed up to the max limit. Tecnica has done a great job of bringing a high level of performance into the 3 distinctly different Mach1 lasts.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Wide and padded like your favorite recliner, really cradles the foot well. As quick as it is solid underfoot—this year Tecnica Mach1 performance comes in a bigger package.” -- Mike Evans
  • “Big dudes rejoice you have Tecnica feel in a comfy roomy package.” -- Kevin Gabriel


  • “Not a solid 130 flex—feels more like a 120. Bubba needs more support.” -- Kevin Gabriel

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