K2 B.F.C. 100 Heat

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The 2020/2021 K2 B.F.C. 100 Heat is reviewed in the men's All-Mountain Walk wide category based on tests at Silver Mountain Resort & Mt. Bachelor Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit Media.


The Gist

Testers love the massive amount of hangar space in the B.F.C. 100 Heat, calling it (like the other B.F.C.'s) absolutely, positively, without question, hands down a whole lotta room! In fact, it has had the roomiest scores of the boot test for three years running in instep height, navicular, ankle pockets and calf—and third roomiest of the bunch in the toebox and forefoot. So yeah, large feet and legs belong here! Testers continue to applaud how well the B.F.C.'s ski—much better than they’ve expected for something so big and luxurious. In addition to its sweet apres mode it has an on-board Thermic heating system that can be controlled via a phone app!

The Fit

One tester summed up the B.F.C.'s overall fit this way: Soooo huge! However, he went on to say that the fit seemed congruent and well-shaped for the thickest of feet and legs (a sentiment echoed by other testers as well). And then he then pondered whether there are actually feet this big. We know there are, and we know that some folks simply don't like tight fitting footwear of any sort—and as such, this boot will appeal to fans of Uggs, Crocs and flip-flops.


The stance is upright for those with average calf volume—a larger calf will push the lower leg more forward and be just right, our testers guessed. The 100 flex is on the money, testers reported, and they wondered if it would be enough support for the XXXL dude attached to such a foot, suggesting some may want to forego the heater for the stiffer, non-heated B.F.C. 120 which has tested well with us in the past. Generally, testers all agreed that the B.F.C. 100 was strong enough and quick enough for just about any decent skier and it comes with as balanced a lateral stance as one could want. Performance scores exceeded testers' expectations on this one.

Cool Features

The Apres Mode (that's what K2 calls it) walk feature is adopted from the other, recent, more serious hikers in the K2 boot line, but if nothing else, K2 knows its target customer. This cuff release mechanism is all about strolling parking lots, tailgating, beers at lunch (maybe breakfast too), and its ease of use and range of motion is fantastic, testers said. GripWalk soles can be purchased to make the strolling even more sublime (if you have an appropriate GripWalk binding).

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B.F.C. 120, $650; B.F.C. 100, $500; B.F.C. 90, $400; B.F.C. 80, $300
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  • “Just stepped into a giant cushy comfy down blanket wrapped in silk and something else soft ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Shapely for a bubba boot! Well done! Way more power and feel than I had anticipated. The shaping in the rear of the boot gives it way more ski connection and power than a boot this roomy should. Two thumbs up. ” -- Marc Stewart


  • “Moves backward in anything but smooth and easy...” -- Mark Elling

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Killington, VT
Telluride, CO
Snowmass Village, CO
Mammoth Lakes, CA
Taos Ski Valley, NM
Warren, VT

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