K2 B.F.C. W 90 Heat

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The 2020/2021 K2 B.F.C. W 90 Heat is reviewed in the women's All-Mountain walk wide category based on tests at Silver Mountain Resort & Mt. Bachelor Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit Media.


The Gist

Many testers rated the fit of the top-shelf B.F.C. W 90 Heat last year in 5’s across the board (that’s the roomiest score possible) and another’s fit commentary was just one word: huge. Another tester, discussing the initial fit and feel said, put this boot on and try not to smile—I dare ya! This one’s big for sure and returns unchanged this season rating most room in almost every fit parameter except the ankle and heel where testers said there was a little more retention. They did also say it skied head and shoulders above their expectations—sleeper slippers.

The Fit

The fit is so oversized that testers wrote warnings on their test forms that only truly wide, high-volume feet need apply, but they also had no hotspot complaints or shape concerns—it was foot-like in its shape, as best they could tell. The entry and exit is worth mentioning here—as easy as it gets (and pop the walk mode and it gets even easier). One tester claimed she could put it on with no hands and with all the buckles still done up. Flex feel was even and comfortable they said, and they agreed that the calf is comfortable here—even a grown-up cow's worth of leg shaft would be at home, they figured.


Testers were shocked at how well the B.F.C. W 90 Heat wide load rode—the stiffness was on-target, the stance angles were neutral and enabled athletic movements, the edge power was solid and the quickness was there (if you could fill up the space with foot). Testers got aggro' with the Built For Comfort and found that, apparently, it was built for crushing it too.

Cool Features

The Apres Mode (that's what K2 calls it) walk feature is adopted from the other more serious hikers in the K2 boot line, but if nothing else, K2 knows its target customer. This cuff release mechanism is all about strolling parking lots, tailgating, beers at lunch (maybe breakfast too), and its ease of use and range of motion is fantastic, testers said. GripWalk soles can be purchased to make the strolling even more sublime (if you have an appropriate GripWalk binding). The B.F.C. W 90's Convenience, Warmth & Features score was a perfect 5.0.

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B.F.C. W 90, $500; B.F.C. W 80, $400; B.F.C. W 70, $300
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  • “Bliss in a boot! The perfect amount of cushion and support that just cradles your foot. It has a heated liner! As comfortable as you feel when waking up after the perfect night’s sleep. The moment I put this boot on I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Did I mention it has a heated liner? ” -- Emily Poore
  • “Comes with frills, comfort and still performs. This boot blends sought after comfort and solid on snow performance for an intermediate to advanced level skier. This thing’s a boat and still performs, and comes with a phone app controlled heater from Thermic!” -- Melodie Buell
  • “Amazing how this boots skis. It’s huge, but does it well. ” -- Liz Elling

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