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The 2020/2021 Lange RS 120 SC is reviewed in the women's All-Mountain Traditional narrow category based on tests at Silver Mountain Resort & Mt. Bachelor Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit Media.

The Gist

In the past ten years of testing the RS 120 SC off and on our women's test team has appreciated one thing most of all--Lange has never ruined this boot by changing it too much! Yes, it's seen a shell mold change and a variety of liner upgrades in that time, but those changes have come incrementally and have always enhanced an already great boot. Now, four years after our team's last go-round, the RS 120 SC comes made with Dual Core polyether in both the shell and cuff--our team doesn't know what might possibly improve the boot going forward, but they're sure it's one of their favorites as it is.

The Fit

The firm Dual 3D liner reminds you how a narrow performance boot is supposed to feel--it's tight, but without unbearable peak pressure at common prominent spots and moldable enough to get a lot of work done just by cooking the liner. The toebox is modern in its oblique shape, with plenty of squared-off space for the little toe and the forefoot is open just enough for some circulation--though most of our testers said they would probably still grind a little extra space for the tailor's bunion. The fit over the top of the foot is as roomy as it has been in the past decade, but high-arched feet with bony midfoot joints may still want a bit more room via bootfitter's tonguectomy treatment. Most of our testers like the fit of the namesake SC (short cuff), though some taller-legged testers say they'd prefer the unisex RS 120.


Testers say this boot has always been one of those few that not only delivers what's asked of it, but regularly makes skiers better. This is the boot that more of our testers want to take home at the end of testing week than any other. Its only performance demerits for all-mountain skiers are its lack of a grippy sole (it's solid) and its rigid boot board. And yet those design elements are what make it an uncompromising frontside boot as well--highly transmissive of movement and powerful on edge. If the Max Grip sole and rubberized boot board are deal breakers, a skier will need to move to the RX 110 W LV and lose 10 flex points, or go to the men's 120 version, with a taller cuff.

Cool Features

Testers like the firm but well-sculpted Dual 3D liner for its initial fit and moreso for how well it conformed with a few runs, and it has a liner pull loop on the tongue. Testers still appreciate a dual cuff adjustment and one's found here. Most testers are fine with the 40mm Velcro power strap, though many like the cam lock 50mm found only on the 130 flex RS and on the plug boots as well. Dual Core injection plastic remains a hit with testers who say it helps hook up the turn earlier and somehow makes a rounder feeling arc--they don't know how, but they do know it works.

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