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The 2020/2021 Salomon S/Max 120 W is reviewed in the women's All-Mountain Traditional narrow category based on tests at Silver Mountain Resort & Mt. Bachelor Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit Media.


The Gist

The debut of the women’s S/Max was met with widespread tester approval last year and it returns unchanged for another go this season. While some boots are powerful but heavy, and others might be agile and light, yet unstable, testers said that the new S/Max 120 W combines all performance elements in a perfectly even blend. They also like its true to narrow class fit—very snug in all the right places. One tester said, look out ladies, there’s a new boss b!#(% in town--powerful, driven, and tight. Very quick Custom Shell HD molding made subtle but good changes, they said.

The Fit

Testers put this on the tightest end of the narrow class for its fit in the lower boot and cuff. It's a true narrow and testers with slender legs and narrow heels absolutely loved the evenly contoured grip on every nook and cranny. Our thicker legged testers didn't like the cuff fit as much. Testers said that the shape is anatomical in every way, so long as the calf isn't too big, though Custom Shell HD molding could open that up a bit. The instep fit is close and testers said the flex feel is firm (a real 120) but evenly distributed on the shin. A few testers commented that it was not the easiest on or off in the group.


Our test team loved how this boot skied everywhere on the hill, from firm groomers to dicey crud. They called it light and reactive but simultaneously stout and damp. Some testers felt the flex lacked a little rebound, but all appreciated the 120 flex power and relayed that transitions turn to turn were synaptically quick.

Cool Features

One tester said the best feature of the S/Max 120 W was the fact that it was a real boot without a bunch of girly fluff and B.S. And along those lines, the features are stripped down here. Yes, it can be custom molded--the Custom Shell HD process is fast and effective for subtle shape changes our tests have shown. Testers like the Sense Claw 45mm cam buckle style power strap for cranking the cuff closure and dual liner pull loops are nice for getting this one on.

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Cantology Compatible 
Shell/Cuff/Tongue Plastic 
polyurethane w fiberglass Coreframe/polyurethane/n.a.
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  • “Love everything about this seamless liner... sleek without being slippery... Also excited about the preformance driven boot flex. New core frame technology for women’s boots this season. Love the rigidity features (fiberglass) that don’t detract from cosmetics.” -- Kim Holzer
  • “Feels like it’s going by to kill it--boasts a legit 120 flex--just enough cushion to be comfortable and still supportive. It’s a boot that fits and feels closest to a Race Type fit and performance. So it works well here. Has a very technical looking shell w space like insets. Gives a visual impression of technology and style. ” --
  • “It fits perfectly right. Not pinchy anywhere but amazing support throughout my whole foot and calf. The cuff isn’t to tapered it’s a little more can-shaped and I love it—tight like tiger! Wow--amazing power with every turn. It has a snappy response for quick transitions. Trustworthy maneuverability in variable conditions. Quick snappy and powerful! A dream to ski.” -- Kori Coggin
  • “Fits small and tall. Cuff has a really nice contour to match the leg. Tight all over with no room for error. It’s a true ski boot. ” -- Emily Poore


  • “It’s a little forward in the cuff and has somewhat of an abrupt flex and lack of rebound. ” --
  • “Harder to get in and out of than most boots and pitched me too far forward.” -- Lee Ann Ross

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