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The 2021/2022 Atomic Hawx Magna 130 S was tested in the men’s All-Mountain Traditional wide category by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

For the wide foot with a high-volume instep and meaty calf there are few boots that will provide a better fit match than the Hawx Magna 130 S—add to that a requirement for expert level performance and the short list gets even shorter, with this at the top. Testers continue to praise the Magna for its unusual pairing of huge volume with strong skiing skills. The biggest guys who need the biggest boots will find few better.

The Fit

The Magna’s fit scores show it offers the most room at the toebox, over the top of the foot and through the instep and then again at the calf—a perfect fit map for the typical high volume foot and leg. The Mimic liner is well shaped and draped against the foot and shin, right out of the box but is highly heat moldable (preferably in a convection oven) and the Memory Fit shell offers similar cook-and-form fit-ability. For a comfortable start with convenient options for bigger and bigger, look no further--its warmth, convenience and features score was nearly perfect at 4.83.


Testers place the Magna 130’s stability and edge power scores right alongside the best of the medium and narrow class performers—a rarity, that. It’s solid under foot and handles both high speeds and high impacts, they said. It’s not recognized as the quickest boot in the test by testers—unless they have a fat foot, and then by virtue of filling the cavernous lower boot the steering and agility scores rocket. Have we impressed upon you, dear reader, that this one fits extra-large?

Cool Features

The Mimic liner feels great against the foot right out of the box but it’s highly moldable as well and should be the first course of action for minor fitting needs. The Memory Fit shell molding protocol remains a great way to make subtle increases of space where needed and does a great job of adapting the cuff for wide or heavily muscled calves. The fore-aft adjusting PowerShift mechanism on the cuff is cool but rarely needed (note that it’s a lot easier to adjust as a two-person job, with the wearer levering forward or rearward to line up bolt holes). The 50mm quick-releasing cam power strap is a nice feature for solid cranking closure but be sure the little flip tab is returned to the locking position when tightening. The GW in the name indicates that GripWalk soles come mounted on the boot.

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