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The 2021/2022 K2 B.F.C. W 105 was tested in the women’s All-Mountain Walk wide category by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

Every year we get to test the women’s B.F.C. our testers are always surprised at how well it skis for how supersized it fits—apparently enough time passes in a year for testers to go back to assuming wide rides can’t rip. Not true! The B.F.C. W 105 not only outscored the men’s B.F.C., it was the highest scoring wide boot of the test, in all categories, including the men’s! Once in a while, you can just let the tester write the review: “Comfortable, effortless, and powerful! This is the perfect boot for the mom with a big foot--but mom can keep up with her rippin’ kids with this boot! Loved how it skied!”

The Fit

Mr. and Mrs. B.F.C. win the Widest Couple award, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at a boot test. Lots of skiers are looking for the most toebox room they can find, or the highest instep, or the most open calf. Well, both B.F.C.’s were the most roomy in every fit parameter we test, and while the men’s was the widest of all boots, the women’s B.F.C. got a wider score for toebox room. So, women with high volume feet and legs rejoice, this is a boot for you—that also skis well. Calf consternation is henceforth banished from skiing by the B.F.C. with it’s new Women’s Calf Adjustment, which opens up the circumference of the boot top without increasing space elsewhere.


Wide, 105-flex, with a walk mode—usually this dooms a boot in the performance categories, but not the B.F.C. W 105. Testers concurred that it’s stout laterally and torsionally to keep a ski on edge exactly as planned through all kinds of high speed trouble. They said it’s upright and solid—more than 105 would indicate—and skinny legs got in the back seat while thicker calves put them right where they needed to be. In fact, testers gave it a perfect 5.00 for balanced stance. That’s a nice change of pace for big calf folks who commonly find themselves overly flexed and smokin' their quads in boots that didn’t have them in mind, stance-wise. Quickness is more a matter of foot and leg volume to fill up the boot’s internal air space—got some mass, get ready to feel this boot react, testers said.

Cool Features

Remember, we said it fits big, but you want it even more roomy all over? Go for it, who are we to judge—pop it in the oven and cook the shell for a customized increase in volume where needed. In our various “custom” oven-cook-and-wear tests, the thin walled K2 shells moved the most—so don’t do it unless you need it, because it works! Testers love the so-called Apres Mode hike option plus GripWalk soles here—lots more cuff range of motion than expected. Activating the walk mode is super handy for getting on any boot, but on the B.F.C. it feels like an invisible boot butler is stuffing the thing right onto the foot, testers said. Convenience, warmth, features? Testers gave it a perfect score for that stuff too.

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