Rossignol Track 130 GW

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The 2021/2022 Rossignol Track 130 GW was tested in the men’s All-Mountain Walk wide category by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

The Track 130 belongs in the 104mm last width group—it’s big! For guys with super wide and thick feet you’ve found a garage for your wide load, and you can still open your door to get out! This year the Track steps up from a 120 flex to a legit 130, and that’s good news for the large humans rising up above such large feet. Testers loved how the outsized proportions remained in balance for great skiing movements and applauded the combination of easy things—easy to get on, easy to ski anywhere on the mountain and easy to go all day without unbuckling if you want.

The Fit

Well, it wasn’t the absolute widest boot we tested, but it was the second widest. That was nice—nobody likes to be the widest. But it’s damn roomy, testers assured, with a cavernous lower boot that tapered just enough to hug the ankles and heel in a sort of open, awkward hug. Thick feet will love this, and so might chronically cold or numb folks—testers who didn’t have a foot or leg thick enough to fill this void still loved how it skied. Testers mention that the cuff runs slightly low--good for short, thick legs and guys with very muscular calves who would rather they just stay above it all. They also said the cuff circumference was not hula hoop large but rather only basketball hoop large, so guys with average to slender legs and big wide paddles at the bottom are in luck!


Testers with wide feet and thick legs gave this boot high quickness scores, while average width testers had a hard time feeling the rapid fire cadence since they weren’t really touching wall to wall. Quickness was the Track’s lowest score but it wasn’t bad at all. Its highest score was for comfort and convenience—is that a performance element? It might be for this boot, as uncomfortable boots that start the day with a miserable struggle to put on usually don’t end up paving the way toward any skier’s personal best. The Track 130 GW scored solids across all other categories. Solid, dependable, comfortable, big.

Cool Features

Testers dig the straightforward program here: single side cuff adjustment, single pull loop liner, GripWalk soles and a Velcro power strap. Go skiing.

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