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The 2021/2022 Tecnica Mach1 LV 130 was tested in the men’s All-Mountain Traditional narrow category by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

The Mach1 LV 130 has been on the podium every time we’ve tested it over the past few years of its existence. This year it returns redesigned to incorporate the stiff but spring-loaded T-Drive cuff to shell connector and testers approved the update with two thumbs way up. Out of a potential perfect score of 5.00 the Mach1 LV received a 4.88—was this the highest score of the men’s narrow All-Mountain Traditional category? Yes. Was it the highest score of the entire test? No. But only the men’s and women’s Mach1 MV’s beat it.

The Fit

The Mach1 LV stays true to how a narrow class boot should fit, testers said. A 130-flex, 98mm boot should not be devoid of pressure points for any feet other than truly slender dogs. A fit-issue free feel is generally called a medium width. This is not to say that the LV is painful or overly compressive—it is not—but testers assure that it will grab the foot and leg with a mind to go rip the mountain to pieces. The fit over the top of the foot is assertive, let’s say, (high-arched testers said aggressive), and the heel is particularly snug. Testers considered these observations to be more evidence of awesomeness rather than criticisms. The LV’s total average fit tension score was the lowest (i.e. tightest) of the men’s test.


None of the guys who tested the Tecnica Mach1 LV 130 happen to use Tecnica as their daily driver boot brand—and yet there were several comments made about it easily becoming their boot. A boot’s ability to stir brand defection discussions among testers is high praise. This year’s LV got high marks for both its power (4.80) and quickness (5.00) and testers attributed some amount of this to the new T-Drive connection between cuff and shell. They noted a more resilient feeling flex and a snappier return to center between turns. Testers continue to applaud the use of tried-and-true polyurethane (polyester) throughout for its strong and vibration dampening qualities, and give credit where it’s due for a light-enough feeling boot that hasn’t given up any performance points simply for heft’s sake.

Cool Features

The Custom Adaptive Shape shell and liner continues to impress our bootfitter-by-day testers. The shell’s dimpled patches in common work zones make for easier stretches with less deformation to adjacent areas and with less return over time. The microcell foam exterior around the ankles and quarter panels is pre-sculpted but can be re-molded and even grinded on to relieve peak pressure points at the ankle bones. Testers like the Power Lock power strap with the up-hook for easy release and re-connection and appreciate that Tecnica maintains performance basics like screwed double cuff adjustments and regular old alpine DIN soles, thank you very much.

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