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Why the Atomic Hawx Prime 130 didn't earn a gold medal at this year's test is a mystery to the half of the test team that thinks it's one of the best medium-width boots available, but just like in politics, there's another whole half of folks who are just plain dumb. Oops, we mean, of a different mind, of course. Perhaps the testers who favor the Prime happen to be bootfitters and boot sellers who know how many skiers this boot fits and how well it skis all around the hill for a variety of different skiing styles and experience levels, and the others, well, maybe they just don't get how valuable that is. For most folks who sell Atomic boots, the Prime will be on the short list of models to try on the average foot, plain and simple.

This is not to say that the Hawx Prime 130 is not unique--it, like its narrow Ultra brethren, sports a thin-shell-wall construction and a close-fitting shape through the lower portion of the cuff and into the ankle and heel pockets. The prime's flare at the boot top is more pronounced than that of the narrow Hawx, appropriate for the average calf, and the width flare moving into the forward half of the lower boot is dramatically suited for a wider forefoot, especially along the lateral side of the foot where the Prime swings out in an accommodating fit arc. The newly revised Mimic liner has a more open toebox, which suited the fit map of the medium Prime nicely, testers agreed, though some thought it was so roomy that it gave up half an ounce of fore-aft balance and performance--thicker socks anyone, or maybe Toasty Toes?

The snugness of the lower leg and ankle pocket fit is belied by a welcome relaxation over the top of the foot. Where some medium widths control the foot by clamping down over it with a flat and numbing squash, the Prime maintains a fairly domed ceiling shape that keeps the nerves and blood vessels on the top of the foot from getting shut down. One of the Prime's ace-in-the-hole fit features is its Memory Fit oven cook option. While this is not a requirement by any means (and many fitters will use this as a last-resort after other more traditional fitting tweaks) it is a great way to open up the fit globally, especially in sometimes tricky zones like the instep or calf.

Testers can't ignore how well and predictably the Hawx Prime 130 skis anywhere on the hill and through any snow condition. There is no deal-breaking stance problem or an issue with its power or quickness. Perhaps some testers didn't appreciate how it fades into the background as they explored better and tighter lines through dicey surfaces. In short the Prime does it all, everywhere, for a broad swath of skiers, and for that it shouldn't be overlooked in any skier's search for a new medium-width daily driver.

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  • “Probably the best fit out of box I've ever felt from an Atomic...must be that new Mimic liner! Feels roomy in the front, becoming more fitted towards the rearfoot. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Pretty generous fit for a 100mm forefoot boot. Slam dunk for a no-modifcation in store fit--which will work well for the beefy-footed skier. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Smoothly contoured shape blended with firm liner material impresses on initial experience. In short order, my DD ankle bones got lit up, so shell molding with enhancement for my ankles would be mandatory. ” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Tits! You probably can't publish that but it's how I really feel. ” -- Dallas Goldsmith


  • “Feels very low in the heel when skiing, balance is back seat prone. ” -- Jack Rafferty

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