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The revised Ranger Pro 130 GW Dyn returned to the boot test and impressed our test team with a highly cushioned, warm and comfortable version of its all-mountain hybrid self. Testers loved the smooth entry and the Ranger Performance Liner's soft contact against the foot and leg. The internal cable hike mode release switch remains a test team favorite for its stealthy, sneaky design (it hides beneath the top cuff buckle) but testers like even more the long and smooth cuff range of motion that it allows, combining with tech compatibility and relatively light weight to produce one of the best freeride boots that actually might put a few miles together in a skin track.

Testers found that the 99 mm fit was a little bloated in places, namely over the top of the toes and forefoot and through the instep. This extra amount of vertical space, or ceiling height, offered a dreamy fit for our high arch and high instep testers who got in and buckled without crushing the top of their foot. The combination of snug heel and ankle with a spacious instep fit is a rare one in the narrowish lasts, and testers mentioned that skiers fitting that bill should keep this high on their short list. Our lower volume testers found that the uncharacteristic instep room reduced the boot's heel retention and they mentioned some movement back and forth inside the boot during fore and aft movements.

The Ranger Pro 130 GW Dyn is deceptively strong in side to side movements, testers agreed, noting that edge engagement was predictable, strong and quick. They also agreed that the flex felt a little softer than billed at 130, and several mentioned that while the boot came without the rear spoiler installed, they preferred it in to slightly tip the stance more forward and take up the extra space in the cuff. This was for our slender to average leg shape folks--the thicker the calf and leg, the more perfect the Ranger Pro was in its stock set-up.

As with all things slightly outside the box, the Ranger Pro 130's plum color way ignited some passions--some hated it, while the majority of testers said it was cool. They all like the fat Phatt Max power strap for its, well, fatness, and for its cam buckle lock on the leg. GripWalk soles combine with the boot's light-enough weight, long touring stride and tech compatibility to keep this one at the top of the heap for true uphill mobility in the form of a proper descender.

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  • “Great fit from Fisher--perfect medium, very anatomically matched to the foot and leg. For me the fit is the best aspect of the boot, though the hike mode feature is one of the best--fantastic on both fronts. Skiing was accurate and strong through a variety of different conditions. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Feels awesome! The anatomical shape of this boot is perfect for my foot. I really like the overall fit of the lower boot and the tongue's contact with the shin. Although the initial flex felt soft it actually applies pressure to the ski really well. I really love the fact that it's a polyurethane shell and cuff. I like the hike mode mechanism as well as the range of motion. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Cushy, comfy, warm, easy on and off--and the walk mode is great. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Its solid lateral grip makes up for it forward lack of power--the walk mode switch is top of class. ” -- Bob Gleason


  • “Ski performance scores suffered a bit because the stance is a little weak to the inside edge and it's easy to get in the back seat with the out-of-box fore-aft set-up. For me it needs the rear spoiler, which comes in the box. Both issues remedied with a couple tweaks.” -- Mark Elling
  • “I'm not a fan of this thin shell wall plastic because it kind of bites when you put it on but once you're in it feels great.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “The boot feels soft for a 130 flex, and fore-aft balance is very weird--could not really find the front or back of the boot when flexing. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Instep volume is excessive for a 99 mm last, and it's soft in forward flex for a 130. ” -- Bob Gleason

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