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The Formula 130 was a hit last year and it doubles down this time around with a revised liner that strikes an ideal balance between control and comfort for our testers. They say that if the concept was to produce a roomier, all-mountain version of the Raptor WCR then mission accomplished--testers say the power and quickness mimics that of the 96 mm Frontsider with some minimal loss of transmission in trade for a more comfortable, padded liner construction, GripWalk soles and 4 mm of extra breathing room at the forefoot.

Technical all-mountain weapon of trench warfare was how one tester described it, citing a slightly stronger-than-average set-up to the inside edge. Testers agreed that the cuff angles are ever so slightly tipped out in a bowlegged fashion, which loaded a lot of grip to the big toe edge, but the dual cuff adjustment offered more than enough range to zero out that edginess for those looking for flatter, looser alignment angles. The forward angles were on the money for testers and the firm 130 flex feel remained true under pressure and testers had no complaints of any shin discomfort.

Last year's test revealed an aggressive heel pocket fit which this year's liner revision has almost entirely eradicated. The shell fits snugly there, so testers with fat heels have had to do some light shell grinding to get comfy, but this is easily accomplished on the Formula. Our bootfitter testers appreciated the Formula's straightforward, monoinjected polyurethane build-out which makes stretches and grinds easy and predictable.

Formula features are functional: dual upper cuff adjustment (lateral), forward lean spoiler (removable), boot top calf adjustment, Form Fit oven-cook moldable shell and Liquid Fit injectable liner. Note that testers mention that the heel pocket is snug right out of the box, so for the chronically loose-of-heel but otherwise mediumish-of-fit, this is a good start with the additional insurance of a Liquid Fit squirt mission. GripWalk soles continue to gain traction with our team. For those looking for a stiffer flex feel, the additional rear spine anchor can be installed to bump it to 140.

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  • “Head nails the fit--really comfortable but consistently snug. Slightly softer than 130 flex feel made it great in the bumps. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “This model has a very generous and comfortable fit. I feel containment to the rear with plenty of wiggle room in the toolbox. I think this boot will be a slam dunk off the shelf instant fit, instant sale at the ski shop--it's firm enough for heel hold but generous enough to accept any foot 100 mm or bigger. This boot felt like it was glued to my foot and lower leg. Excellent positioning of forward lean, boot board angle, and lateral alignment. There was no movement or shearing of the foot, liner and shell. Delivered strong and powerful control to the ski edge. Very snappy and quick response at all speeds. Head has finally hit the long ball in the All-Mountain 100 mm 130 flex category. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “New liner is very good, the previous heel fit issue is gone--anatomically snug where it needs to be with an open toebox without feeling too large. There are very few flaws in the Formula as it stands now. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Nice fitting boot right out of the box--a little roomy for a 100 last in the forefoot but not a problem. Plenty of hug for the heels, made better if needed by the Liquid Fit feature. ” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “Great anatomical fit for a wider foot and very strong edge to edge. Liner fit is spot on and there's no lack of power in steering or quickness. A well-fitting boot that rips. ” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “New toebox shape is great--long feel, lots of room for wiggles. Yeah, this is a medium width race boot with a comfier liner--very strong. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “The initial fit is welcoming. These will play well in boot to boot try on in the shop. ” -- Bob Gleason


  • “This boot would be perfect without the spine buckles. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “I still hate these crocodile buckles--they piss me off. And the heel pocket is still too aggressive for me in a 100 width. ” -- Kevin Gabriel

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