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The all-new Kore freeride boot may have caused some problems at home--it essentially ditched its Nexo family roots, went down the hall and cozied up to cousins Raptor WCR and Formula who bestowed upon it their many positive traits while allowing it to maintain a hike mode (nicely revised this year as well), its Kore-ish tech compatibility and lightweight cuff construction. The Kore 120 GW impressed our test team with its re-imagined form which took it from an okay performer in the category last year to the category winner this time around.

The Kore 120 is now a medium width Formula with lighter weight cuff plastic, a hike mode and tech fittings, plus an all new liner with articulation for better cuff rotation when released for touring. It all actually works, our test team agreed, and works quite well. They said it's one of those freeride unicorns--the kind that fit and ski as well as the very best all-mountain boots yet manage to offer a releasable cuff for skin track forays or rambling ridge top routes. Where the Kore of old had some flex feel and shin fit issues, the new Kore 120 GW has thankfully banished those and instead offers a solid and progressive feel against the leg while skiing and a smooth glide forward and back when ascending.

Testers praised the Kore's neutral lateral stance angles (a good thing, sans cuff adjustment mechanisms) and they also liked the out-of-box fore-aft stance. The fat 53 mm "Ratchet Velcro" power strap was a test favorite, and testers mentioned that even entry and exit was improved with this new Kore design. Testers liked the lightweight and easily managed buckles and found that the cuff release was simple and easily operated.

As evidenced by the tester comments tab here--not a caveat in sight.

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24.0, 24.5-30.5
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polyurethane/polypropylene (Superlight)
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  • “This fits the way a medium should fit--this is the most anatomical shape for Kore yet, no fit issues for me, whatsoever. This year's Kore fits great, skis great and the hike mode's way improved. Super boot--no problems. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “It's best qualities are that it skis like an alpine boot and more specifically its ability to ski in different conditions with different turn shapes--very versatile. I really like the overall fit and the tongue's contact with the shin. Although the initial flex felt soft it actually applies pressure to the ski really well. I really love the fact that it's a polyurethane lower shell and not something else. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Absorbs the foot into a womb like environment. Straightforward, no-nonsense design in a lightweight package. Nice boot to try on next to the Tecnica Cochise, very comparable skiability. ” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “Nice. New liner is excellent. Flex feel is smooth and consistent--wow, the old Kore was a shin buster but this one feels great. Huge improvement. New shell shape is great but the liner is the star. Hugs and cushions all the right spots. Very balanced and neutral. Always in the right spot. Ready and willing. Easy on and off--massive upgrade there. Liner and toebox shape are perfect, nice warm toes. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Massive improvement in overall fit from previous model--nice work. Excellent out of the box fit. No need for a Liquid Fit goo job. ” -- Erik Korman
  • “Seems like a good downhill boot that can go uphill. Feels like a slipper--surprised me--all around great boot. ” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Easy on and off. The walk mode works great. I'm a fan of this boot--light and skied well with a good hike mode. ” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “Friendly initial feel. Well configured rear foot shape. The heel and lower leg have a rack and pinion connection to the ski. The forefoot has extra space that will be sweet for touring, allowing the forefoot to articulate. The angles of this boot are lined-up well for balanced skiing. These boots direct the ski like a master--the rearfoot grip and close fitting cuff shaft perform in unison. The features on these boots are well engineered. The hike mode switch engages and disengages with ease. The buckles are functionally well conceived for easy buckling and locking open for the tour. ” -- Bob Gleason

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