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The all new K2 Dispatch Pro impressed testers with its good skiing character and (mostly) anatomical fit map for the average foot and leg. Testers were universally enthusiastic about the Dispatch's hardened outer self (i.e. the shell) which offered a great, balanced stance and a highly transmissive linkage between skier movement and ski response with crazy-good hike mode functionality. Testers were similarly universal in their skepticism surrounding the Boa Tourfit liner, which most claimed restricted entry and exit and came with tongue fit issues.

Now, ignoring those two caveats, our test team thought the Dispatch Pro was one of the better skiing and better touring BC boots they've tested in recent years. The tall-enough cuff and progressive flex feel offered a substantial amount of leverage over the ski and proper stability in rock-and-roll conditions. The Pebax shell and cuff provided a surprisingly crisp, yet damp, feel when tipping a ski on edge, testers said. They also praised the hike mode's simplicity and vast range of motion when released. Testers agreed that for a first foray into the full-rockered BC market K2 hit a homerun--well, at least a stand-up double.

The caveats were hard to ignore, however, as the Boa reel's cable length seemed short, and as such kept testers from getting the bugger on. Most testers found they needed to don the liner, snug the Boa, then enter the shell, which is fine but not always convenient for skiers and leads to excess wear and tear on a liner over time. Second, the liner tongue's out-of-box fit was neither smooth nor anatomical for many of the test team, who across the board suggested that a full temp, thermo molding session would probably sort out this issue. However, given that an out-of-box, customer purchase experience is part of the testing process, this didn't help the Dispatch's score. There's always the chance that we were testing early production liners and the likelihood that this issue will be ironed out by the Fall's buying season (no answers yet from K2 on that). Testers suggest that upon try-on, if the entry and exit isn't an issue and the shin fit is comfy, then buy it, as the rest of the Dispatch's skill set is top notch.

Testers did like the idea of the Boa liner closure in the Pro, but observed that the boot's available without it in the Dispatch LT, along with a softer 120 flex. The Pro comes with a sweet cam buckle power strap though, and testers do like those. The softest Dispatch at a 110 flex comes at $150 MSRP discount for the lightweight of body and wallet.

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  • “I think the boot skis really well. There's lots of range of motion in the cuff in hike mode. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “The Dispatch Pro skis great and fits great too (except for the shin)! It's one of the Best of Test but with with some caveats. The hike mode range of motion quantity and quality, especially going forward, is awesome--one of the best ever! ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Feels great in forefoot and lateral column. Very quick steering feel for its class. Very warm liner and roomy in toes. Nice lightweight feel. ” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “Balance center is where you expect it to be. Very easy to steer and holds power to the ski throughout all phases of the turn. ” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “Very roomy toe box, snug heel and ankle pocket. Very roomy calf--I want spoiler. Side to side this thing rips, really nice power once on edge. Great energy. Lots of pop. Loved it. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Good control in rear foot when buckled down. Lightweight with a close-fitting shaft allowed a quick response. Has all the good features for your touring and skiing at the top level. ” -- Bob Gleason


  • “I'd guess the liner needs heat molding because the tongue feels really lumpy up along the shin and the liner above the ankle bones is crushing me--very inconsistent. I could not get the boot on with liner in the shell. The Boa seems to be too short and so doesn't allow the liner to open enough to get it off or put on easily. The combination of the stiff flex and the firm tongue makes it very difficult to move forward. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “I love the Boa liner closure but I had to put it on plug boot style for entry even though the K2 guys say that's not required (B.S.). The shin fit is f'd up don't know if the test model had a bad liner or what but very lumpy and inconsistent, obviously needs a cook job. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Impossible to get this clam shell on. Tried every yoga position I know--sprained a testicle. Update: I got it on, but now I can't get it off! ” -- Jack Rafferty

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