Nordica Speedmachine3 W 115

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Consistent, uniform, predictable, stable. These descriptors came up repeatedly in testers' reports after putting the Nordica Speedmachine3 115 W through its paces at our boot test this past Spring. For a medium-width fixed cuff boot these words are like A-plusses all the way down its report card. Testers said it schooled virtually the entire class of medium width contenders in this very competitive group with its ideal blend of creature comforts, anatomical fit and expert level downhill performance. Everything the do-it-all 100mm all-mountain ski boot is supposed to do, testers said the Speedmachine delivered on in flying colors.

Testers much preferred this year's liner to last year's, and were unanimously impressed with its silky feel against the sock and smooth entry and exit that somehow didn't feel overly slick while skiing or walking. The ankle pockets were properly located and firm enough for control over the ski without feeling harsh against bony points and the heel was appropriately snug for a 115-flex level performance tier in a medium width boot, testers said. They loved the cuff height on the leg and said the tongue's shin fit was ideally cushioned throughout the flex range, which they said felt on-target for the specified stiffness.

Testers said the Speedmachine3 115 W was one of those boots that just enabled instantly good and balanced skiing from the first buckle-up, without fit or stance alignment hassles. They drove it everywhere on the hill and found themselves paying attention to tighter lines and finding better stashes, not figuring out its quirks (there were none). Some testers mentioned that the damp stability and inherent predictable feel of the Speedmachine may have robbed a slight bit of agility and quickness but not enough to dampen their fun. For a trouble-free all-mountain performer they said there are very few any better.

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  • “A really uniform feeling medium. Consistent throughout the boot. Solid feeling boot. Nice comfortable liner with a powerful feeling shell. Has a nice shape throughout the whole boot. A great-fitting, snug medium. One of the most consistent feeling boots of the test. I love how secure the heel and ankle feel. It has a great shape with a firm, snug fit. It skis just like it fits, very consistent, smooth and stable. Its balance, combined with the firm feel makes for some really powerful turns. ” -- Kori Coggin
  • “Nordica is going super consistent with their boot shaping. The Speedmachine has a really well-tapered heel and good cushion through the ankle bones, with just enough flare coming to the forefoot to wrap a foot that's a bit more buxom in shape. The toebox has great anatomical shaping too; those weird toe shapes will nestle well. It steers and tips to the edges really well, has you skiing in a position that gets you forward without feeling like you're being thrown back and forth. Stable is a word I would use here too. Great! ” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “True medium--its initial fit will sell a lot of boots straight off the shelf. Good boot. ” -- Liz Elling


  • “It's so consistent--maybe to a fault. The boot felt a little sluggish. It's firm and powerful but not the fastest in the bunch. ” -- Kori Coggin
  • “It's a little tight initially through the instep and at the top of the tongue but it improved with some time. ” -- Liz Elling

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