Rossignol Pure 70 HV

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We had expected Rossignol to submit the Pure 80 in the wide-last group of the All-Mountain Traditional category but a lack of availability meant that we had to test the 70-flex version of it. This isn't a problem for our test team, who might be used to seeing women's boots in the 100-110 flex on average, as they know that a large part of boot testing is understanding the target audience for a given model. However, this doesn't give a boot a pass on how it fits, stands, flexes and performs on descent--it just might require a ratchet-down on testers' expectations as it's not a boot designed for high level skiers. With all that said, the Pure 70 was a sleeper in every sense of the word. It won the category and received four perfect scores, out of five, for Anatomical Fit, Dynamic Balance, Quickness and Convenience.

Our test team said that the Pure 70 was not a bucket, fit wise, and managed to contour around good anatomical shapes, if pretty darned roomy. They commented that the hold on the ankles and heel were enough to render a sense of control even when the room elsewhere was open and airy. The calf fit was slightly more snug due to a slightly taller fit than expected for the category, but the slightly tall and slightly upright cuff set-up worked well to buttress the better-than-70 fore-aft support while skiing in all-mountain conditions. They didn't mention anything about the new shell shape revisions or hinge-point change in the new Pure line, specifically, but they said that it flexed better and skied better than the soft flex wide rides from Rossi in the past.

Testers liked the fact that the 102mm Pure does come in a stiffer 80 flex which would work well for women looking for a little more flex support, and they noted that there is a heated version of the boot though their warmth scores were good as it was. They didn't know if anyone needed the comfort of the 60-flex given the level of fit luxury they found in the test model, and at a list price of $350 the Pure 70 was already the best deal of the boot test by far.

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  • “A really nice anatomical fit. Definitely on the snug side for an HV. It has a nice amount of space in the forefoot but the calf is definitely a bit snug. Killer comfy liner! A reliably comfortable fit all around, really. The feel and positioning through each turn is steady and as balanced as they come. The power of this 70 flex boot is surprisingly powerful and strong. It's a great combination of comfort and good skiing in a softer flex boot--great for a beginner or someone on the lighter side that doesn't need all the stiffness. ” -- Kori Coggin
  • “Tons of space to fill, cuff is slightly tall, but I still think it would accommodate a more robust calf. Refreshing to have some more support and a nice wrap, rather than just forward lean and shin drive. It's strong for a 70 flex boot--shockingly, it has the most powerful drive compared to any other boot in the All-Mountain wide category, and it comes with an extra hole to stiffen the boot up. Good bang for the buck. If you have the foot to fill it, it will cater to your every demand. This year, Rossi's have no bad qualities. ” -- Emily Poore
  • “Fits great, lots of room, with a super balanced stance. Really good--surprisingly good--for a 70 flex.” -- Liz Elling

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