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The Scott Freeguide Tour was a new model for our test team, who put the slightly stiffer Freeguide Carbon through the ringer at last year's test. The Tour offers a 120-flex rating and a non-Boa closure liner as the defining features that set it apart from the Carbon--that and a few less bucks on the price tag. The other thing that testers said one gains with the Freeguide Tour is a slightly softer liner construction which put this model at the top of the heap for creature comforts as well as ease of entry and exit. Testers said that for a warmth, comfort and convenience driven backcountry skier there may not be a better option than this one.

The unique "hybrid cabrio" design employs a hinged plastic tongue which allows for unimpeded entry to the boot and then also enhances the forward range of motion when the cuff is released for touring. Testers said the release mechanism is clean and functional and the resulting amount of travel in hike mode is large and smooth--the Freeguide Tour was one of testers' favorites for its comfortable fit and ergonomic strolling stride.

Testers weren't as impressed with the Dual Flex Action Tongue when descending through critical bits of terrain or at demanding speeds. Testers said there was a too-soft feel to the flex with a tendency to collapse if hammered hard. They loved the rearward support of the boot's spine while skiing and also said laterally the boot was stable and strong for controlling the ski on edge. So, their comments trended toward suggesting lighter weight skiers and those with less reliant-on-tongue skiing styles would most favor the Freeguide Tour. Yes, there is that stiffer option available in the Freeguide Carbon if more flexion beef is desired.

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  • “Wide and high fit in the forefoot. Good heel control. Lateral and rearward support provided a stable interface for skiing. Closures are engineered to function optimally on the tour. These are light and smooth in touring mode with enough skiing character to carve up the downhill. As a bonus, these are warm boots. ” -- Bob Gleason
  • “A really nice fit and it's supremely easy sliding on--super comfy! The cabrio's split tongue design that avoids the third piece external tongue is an interesting idea and the feel is good through the instep. Best for lighter weight skiers and those with a lighter touch on flexing. ” -- Mark Elling


  • “Felt like the ramp was high which contributed to feeling dumped forward onto a cuff that wouldn't hold me up.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Some extra pressure on the medial ankle bone. Toe area fits short. The forward range of flexion is quite long which makes the initial drive into the turn slow to develop. ” -- Bob Gleason

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