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Our test team is having a hard time comprehending how some brands are managing to pack as much skiing power and stability into small, lightweight packages. Take the Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro--one tester said this: Yeah, this thing is as quick as any race boot, steers as good as any race boot--how the hell did they do this? It's magic, goddamn sorcerer's work there. Race boot quickness and steering? Well, perhaps that's a little bit of hyperbolic tester talk there, but our test team's consensus was that the Zero G Tour Pro might be one of the very best skiing and fitting true backcountry boots we've ever tested.

The Zero G's liner is all new this year and it did the trick for testers who claimed that it was a nearly perfect fit for the human foot and leg. Testers say it fits more narrow than medium in the in-between fit zone that is the 99mm last. It's a close fit everywhere, they said, but without offending typical wide and bony spots. While the liner is low profile and light, it offers enough padding to keep the plastic just far enough away for a warm and comfortable experience on snow. Yes, the new liner is fully moldable and articulated for touring, with two liner pull loops and a minimalist rear spoiler--it also sports expanded use of grindable CAS exterior material for enhanced fitting work if needed, but testers said no, it's good to go out of the box.

The co-molded carbon fiber and Grilamid cuff has much to do with this little micro's bigger-than-expected power reserves--it's light but rigid, and the double-blocking cuff release mechanism increases anchoring strength when locked for skiing but allows free rotation of the cuff when popped loose. Testers loved the Zero G's rare combination of descending power mated with real backcountry travel functionality, packaged in a near-flawless fit. While testers didn't really expect to use it in a race course, or even on hard resort pistes, they said you could get by with its close-to-alpine levels of downhill performance. Quick, strong, light and comfortable--one of Tecnica's best efforts, they agreed.

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  • “Great snug medium fit with an open toebox--ankles are tight but well-sculpted and comfortable. The calf fit is on the narrow side of medium and the instep's transition up into the base of the shin is smooth and awesome--much better fit than the last Zero G I tried. The only real fit glitch is tightness over the midfoot bump. The new liner breathes new life into this boot. Very comfortable, very skiable--good combination for a mostly backcountry but strong descender. Very intuitive hike mode release with a long range of motion--this is a great touring boot. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Super heel and ankle shape, exceptional rearfoot control. Initial fit and feel is very good, just enough wiggle room in the toebox and snug everywhere else. Boot really settles in nicely within a few runs, seems to absorb the heel and ankle like a marsupial's pouch. Strong, precise and predictable--the Zero G Tour Pro has the ski-ability, fit and feel of a more traditional alpine boot, but super lightweight. Best of test. ” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “Warm and comfy, and skis not bad at all for a touring-specific boot. ” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “Holy shit, this thing rips! The stance is great, edge engagement is great. Better edge power than any boot in this group. Yeah, this thing is as quick as any race boot, steers as good as any race boot--how the hell did they do this? It's magic, goddamn sorcerer's work there. Tecnica has just taken over this entire category. A little tricky on and off, but otherwise wonderful--walk mode is great and the rockered Vibram sole feels great to walk in. Pretty much loved it. This may be the best boot in its category and is close for best boot of the test, very impressive. ” -- Kevin Gabriel


  • “Feels a touch set up to the inside--a little weak to the inside edge. It's fairly strong in BC conditions but not on-piste strong. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Lacking a little power from edge to edge on hard pack. Boot not made to ski hard pack--go find pow. ” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “This a 98 or 97mm fit--not a bad thing, just tighter than it should be for a 99mm. Liner is a little thin, maybe kind of cold on the coldest days. ” -- Kevin Gabriel

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