Roxa R/Fit Pro 130

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Testers who had tested the R/Fit boot previously said that this year's R/Fit 130 was the best version they've tested. They liked this year's clean finish and well-executed details like the quick-release rip cord on the cam buckle power strap, dual sided cuff adjustment and dual pull loops on board the Ultralon 4D Biofit liner, but what they liked best about the R/Fit 130 is how well it motors through whatever they point it at. It's a polyurethane-powered all-mountain damp destroyer, they said, citing its unflappable, dependable attitude in both short and long turns.

Testers found the fit was a little less polished but it got the job done for most of our average volume feet and legs. Testers said that the fit is slightly shorter in length than the norm and slightly cramped in the toebox, but had ample room at the forefoot. Testers noted that the cuff accommodated medium to large calves quite well but left our slender-legged guys clanging around a bit, searching for support from buckles and straps. A few testers mentioned that the flex feel was firm (as expected for a 130 flex) but also started out with a bit of shin bite at the boot top. They followed-up to say that after skiing a few runs this fit zone did improve.

Testers extrapolated that the 120-flex R/Fit might offer a slighter softer feel against the shin and still punch well above its weight class based on the solidity of the 130 we tested--and save an extra 75-bucks. Another option Roxa offers at the 130-flex level would be to opt for the Intuition (I.R.) tongue-style liner for a $50 up-charge.

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  • “Skis well.” -- Jim Morris
  • “This is the best Roxa R/Fit boot I've tested since its inception--a much more even, anatomical fit upon first try-on. It has nice ankle pockets, a great, snug but comfortable instep fit.” -- Mark Elling
  • “If ya got tree trunk legs, here's yer boot! Tons of room for the calf. I enjoyed the relaxed stance and the way they just motor through whatever you point them at. ” -- Marc Stewart
  • “It is a very nice looking and nicely finished boot.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Engages the fore body of the ski well.” -- Bob Gleason


  • “Sharp pressure point on the shin at the top of the cuff.” -- Jim Morris
  • “My only fit issue was a slightly too-tall feeling tongue with an abrupt, edgy feel at the top, which improved with some skiing. Stance-wise it's a little strong to the inside edge, so not as predictable or easy to feather as other, more neutral boots.” -- Mark Elling
  • “Crushing my wide square toes.” -- Jim Schaffner

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