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Testers were excited to experience Salomon's new BOA version of the medium width S/Pro Supra and their reaction to it was a little mixed, but with mostly good stuff ending up on their test forms. They liked the convenience of the BOA reel's one-click-at-a-time micro-adjustment and the intuitive nature of the gizmo, and they found the S/Pro Supra BOA 105 W GW to be quick to respond to edging and steering moves through a variety of different terrain and snow applications.

Testers were unanimous in their reported struggle to get this one on the foot and they pointed a tsk tsk finger at the BOA for restricting their entry (granted, they all feel like they deserve backstage passes everywhere they go). Once in, testers liked the solid heel pocket grip and firm ankle fit, which they said enhanced the boot's quickness and control over the ski once they were outside, going down. The cuff suited average calves nicely, but our thicker legged testers had some trouble finding enough power strap length to make the roundtrip (the catalog calls the strap style "screwed energyzer Velcro," which sounds exciting).

Testers said the 105-flex rating was understated as it held up dutifully to a severe pounding by our heavier, taller and more aggressive testers. A couple mentioned some bite spots over the top of the foot and at the base of the shin but they expected these would moderate with more skiing time or a liner cook job. Testers liked the micro-adjustment that the BOA cable routing provided but they said it took a little experimentation to find their goldilocks spot--they suggest testers back off tension a few clicks when needed rather than pop the BOA reel completely free to avoid having to re-spool excess cable to regain their happy place for the next descent.

The firm flex feel was coupled with a fairly upright feeling stance, so while this banished any overflexed quad burn testers mentioned that they needed to assertively move forward into the drivers seat to feel centered and a couple mentioned that a little bit of additional heel lift might have helped them out. Occasionally our test team might be guilty of prescribing to a stiffer-is-better ethos, but with the S/Pro Supra they suggested the 95-flex version could be worth a try for good-bang-for-buck and a more easily engaged, forward flex feel. However, there is a spectacular pink colorway available in the 105 Supra BOA, so...choices, choices.

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  • “The heel pocket is solid and really doing a lot to keep this boot together. Skiing this boot is great--it skis like a true 105, and a little more forward than upright, which is welcomed. The liner is may a little too simple, and feels like to might pack out a little too quickly for my liking, but it's instantly comfortable on first impression.” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “It has a BOA!” -- Emily Poore
  • “The BOA is pretty cool--I like the way the it holds the forefoot. The Supra is very responsive even in the quickest turns you ask for.” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “Feels bad, skis great. Is that a kudo or a caveat?” -- Liz Elling
  • “Snug fit but the super comfortable liner was best part of skiing this boot. Best BOA boot of test.” -- Kori Coggin


  • “Crushes the top of my foot just below the instep.” -- Emily Poore
  • “Wriggling the foot into the boot was a little battle--the BOA system on this boot seemed to restrict entry. The BOA as the clog fastener is fiddly to find the magic spot. It does not feel like it wraps the foot as precisely as I had hoped--it feels like it is squishing it down on the instep rather than wrapping around from the bottom.” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “I had to move the buckle catches over for my wider calf, but after I did that the top buckle was no longer aligned with the ladder. It is not possible for me to Velcro the power strap closed--it would have to be about twice as long.” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “Super upright and hard to get forward--almost feels like the flex was mis-labeled. ” -- Kori Coggin

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