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The all new women's Redster Pro 110 brings three things to the table this year that our women's test team gave big props to.

1. It means what it says about being a 110 flex—and then some. Where many boots collapse when redlined on the hill, the carbon fiber-reinforced Redster remained solid forward, even when pushed by the most aggressive and tallest women on our test team. One said it had “pit-bull power.”

2. This is a performance frontside boot that tall women with average to larger calves will like—and without sacrificing cuff height leverage. Testers said the upper boot flared to match the calf well while maintaining enough height for hard-charging skiing and women with longer, bigger legs.

3. Memory Fit shell opens up a myriad of fit options.

Memory Fit is Atomic’s low temperature molding shell plastic. It takes five minutes for a boot tech to heat it in a convection oven. Then the liner goes in and the entire boot goes on the skier’s foot. The plastic sets in two minutes and then there is a five-minute cool down period.

The Memory Fit process worked well for our custom testers. One said she initially found the heel and ankle areas a bit too-snug but the fit was Cinderella slipper-like after the molding process. Most enjoyed the boot right out of the box so while there molding process isn’t mandatory, it is a nice option for those needing to open up the fit slightly.

Like the men's version, the women's Redster has a characteristically snug heel and ankle fit mated with a roomy forefoot and toebox—just the combination many women are seeking in a performance boot that will see all-day-long duty. The heat-moldable liner has a slightly different lay-up than the men’s with a full wrap of warmth-retaining Thinsulate insulation.

Our testers did not like how the shell's throat tended to bite their insteps during entry. It wasn’t close to a slam dunk on and off. But they liked driving it so much they largely made a note of the nip, buckled up and moved on to lay fat, deep trenches. Cause that’s what the Redster does.

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  • “Hard-hitting powerhouse. This one's for an aggressive skier.” -- Jana Rogers
  • “Even flex, instant reaction to inputs. Targets the aggressive racer-charger.” -- Deb Mjelde
  • “Stiff. Great for race-type skiing. Stable and supportive.” -- Nancy Walther
  • “Very balanced and powerful. Solid on edge.” -- Liz Elling
  • “Unbelievably responsive at all speeds. I love this boot.” -- Heather Risseeuw
  • “The midfoot cut-out and memory foam in the liner are killer.” -- Danielle Goldsmith


  • “Flex was very stiff. I had a hard time with it.” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “Difficult getting on. I got a head rush.” -- Heather Risseeuw
  • “A stronger woman would appreciate this boot more than I did.” -- Linda Parazoo

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Plymouth, NH
Stowe, VT
Warren, VT
Ludlow, VT
Westborough, MA
Glenmont, NY
Valatie, NY

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