Atomic Redster Pro 130

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A perfect wingman for precision-minded skiers seeking piste-based ski drivers. The Redster returns largely unchanged from last season and continued to amass another trove of accolades. Testers liked how it skied and how it fit.

There were frequent mentions of the boot's uncanny ability to store and release energy from turn-to-turn and its underfoot syncopation that perfectly matched the bending ski through each carving arc. Give credit to the Redster's carbon-injected rear spine construction and grooved sole flex matrix.

Fit-wise, the Redster is snug at the heel and ankle pockets but has one of the more accommodating forefoot and toebox shapes in the Technical Frontside group. It will house many average width feet, not just super narrow pencil dogs. The Redster's quick-cook Memory Fit feature (five minutes in the oven) opens it up to skilled skiers with thicker feet looking for a performance oriented boot without major fit modification gyrations. Our Memory Fit tests showed a general evening-out of fit tension and easing of minor hot spots. Very bony prominences will, in most cases, still require boot fitter hands-on modifications.

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24.0, 24.5—29.0, 29.5
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  • “Blamo! Great performance angles for any all mountain shredder racer guy.” -- Chris Wiberg
  • “Powerful and snappy for sure.” -- Erik Korman
  • “This was the quickest and most explosive boot i've tested. Super fun!” -- Eric Lilley
  • “Ka-Zow! Skis turned before I was even thinking about it.” -- Greg Phillips
  • “Feels very forward.” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “Great heal hold. Can attack any race course ” --
  • “Out of the box fit, great heal hold, and super edge hold. ” -- Jeff "JC" Costales


  • “Not super warm, but an easy trade off for such a great performing boot.” -- Greg Phillips
  • “Get in the back seat you may never get forward again. ” -- Garrick Dardani
  • “A bit boxy in fit.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Could have easily sized down, with a few tweaks. ” --
  • “An issue getting in, scraping of the instep....” -- Erik Korman

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Westborough, MA
Columbia, SC
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Westwood, NJ
Stowe, VT
Teton VIllage, WY

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