Full Tilt Descendant 8

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The Gist

For average to wider feet. The Descendant 8's Intuition liner opens up after cooking to take advantage of the Full Tilt Evolution 102mm shell shape. Super soft and a bit forward-leaning. This one's best for shin love and lightweights. Very easy to get on and off.


Testers were generally unimpressed with the Descendent’s off-the-rack fit. It had a variety of hot spots and was much shorter lengthwise than average. After liner molding with toe caps and pre-padding for prominences, testers had a much more favorable opinion of its fit. However, for the Descendent to fit like a 102mm last, testers suggest going up a size from your norm. In fact, Full Tilt recommends that skiers go with their street shoe size whereas most other brands fit properly at least one size smaller.


In edging movements the Descendent 8 is able and fun, especially in soft snow. The padded liner underfoot makes for a muted, dampened ride that knocks down vibrations. Most testers, especially taller heavier guys, felt that the cuff was too soft and didn’t provide enough forward support. They also felt the ramp angle of the bootboard was a bit steep, compounding the feeling of spilling out over the top of the boot.

Cool Features

We like the Intuition liner for its moldability, light weight and warmth. The combination of spiral wrapped liner and three piece shell makes the Descendent incredibly easy on and off.


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Descendent 6 $650, Descendent 4 $450


  • “Drop the foot in with little effort—Intuition equals toasty toes.” -- Garrick Dardani
  • “Flex of the boot is smooth and progressive—rubbery ramp dampens the ride!” -- Mike Evans
  • “Better buckles and closure than narrow last Full Tilts.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Well-balanced and playful with great shock absorbtion.” -- Andrew Barr
  • “Skis pretty strong laterally. The very best for entry and exit!” -- Mark Elling


  • “Pitched me out over my toes—too much forward lean for me.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Go up one size to get a wide-last fit.” -- Mark Elling
  • “Boot sole length is super short for its size. Tight, tight in the toes.” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “So soft it felt like making parallel turns in tele boots!” -- Eino Holm

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