Full Tilt First Chair 10

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Light and tight three-piece shell with Intuition custom liner love for the freestyle-inspired all-mountain skier. The First Chair 10 does best in softer snow and bumps when it ventures outside its native park habitat. Characteristic long-travel Full Tilt flex for no-shin-bang bashing around the whole hill.


Prior to custom molding the Intuition liner, testers complained about a cramped toebox and tight fit at the lateral side of the foot. After cooking the liner (then molding with toecaps and pre-padding for prominences), testers could appreciate the available space in the new FTS Soul shell's toebox and forefoot.

Testers said liner molding also softened the abrupt edge feel on the shin. The actual fit runs short on marked size by current standards. Be sure to try on before buying.


Testers with a preference for lighter, softer boots with long-travel flex liked the First Chair 10 best. Despite testing with its stiffest #10 tongue (130-ish flex billing), testers said it ran quite a bit softer than that. Testers like the quickness edge-to-edge and noted that lateral moves were its forte.

It’s light and agile with a cushioned but well-tuned feel for the snow underfoot. Most testers complained that they felt tipped overly forward and considered complete removal of the thinnest forward lean wedge.

Cool Features

The Full Tilt accessories list is longer than its list of available boots. Get different length cables, different flex tongues, stiffer bootboard and more.  Lots of ways to customize your fit and performance.


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  • “Surprisingly quick! Good on soft snow.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Side to side movements are good.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Improved shell shape much better than the original for fit and feel.” -- Greg Coulter
  • “Lightweight but not weak—skis solid laterally.” -- Erik Korman
  • “Snug, firm, consistent fit and better after molding liner.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Simply a fun boot in terrain—playful, light, reliable.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Cushy underfoot but could still feel the snow—very quick steering.” --
  • “Really, really fun—blasted through crud!” -- Andrew Barr
  • “Three piece construction and liner make entry and exit convenient.” -- Stacy Crumpler


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Seattle, WA
Sandpoint, ID
Schweitzer, ID
Houston, TX

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