Full Tilt Mary Jane

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All-Mountain Traditional
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#5 Tongue
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The Mary Jane returns with a new graphic outlook which testers liked (vintage flower print liner), and they also approved of longer buckle cables for easier closure on larger calves and the stiffer #5 tongue (last year's was a #4).

Our women's test team liked how the Mary Jane fit tall but open along the leg, providing a nice fit along the shin for the long-travel flex feel and an easy grip on tough-to-fit calf muscles. Testers said the boot offered a roomy fit through the instep, ankles and heel, a fit tension combo that could work well for thicker, chunkier feet. The fit was generally evened-out after cooking the Intuition EVA liner, but the Mary Jane is decidedly for higher volume feet.

Testers agreed that the boot's stock #5 tongue set-up is still quite soft—good for easy cruising and lighter or less aggressive drivers. An aftermarket upgrade to a stiffer, #7 tongue is available through Full Tilt for fifty bucks. Testers said the lateral reaction was similarly subdued—best for tooling about in absolute comfort and warmth. They agreed that the Mary Jane is a dream to put on and get off—super easy.

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  • “Cushioned feel throughout and powered through a carve well enough—good value.” -- Carrie Suriano
  • “Perfect for a petite beginner with a wide foot. Super comfy!” -- Emma Sherman
  • “Coloseum-size room in here—wow!” -- Danielle Goldsmith
  • “Improved buckles this year—was able to get the boot closed on my big calves.” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “Will accommodate ladies with wider calves and wider feet. Optimal for soft flex applications.” -- Jana Rogers


  • “There is absolutely no forward support here—there are stiffer snowboard boots!” -- Danielle Goldsmith
  • “Slow speeds only! Unstable.” -- Emma Sherman
  • “Overly forward leaning stance and little flex resistance.” -- Lee Ann Ross

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Westwood, NJ
Plymouth, MI
Ann Arbor, MI
Plymouth, NH
Chicago, IL

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