Full Tilt Soul Sister

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Slender legged, skinny-footed lightweights who seek the bumps and pow will find this boot their, well, Soul Sister. It wiggles its way from summit to lift maze with quick lateral moves and a super long travel and soft flex that benefits from a light touch to the front of the boot.


Length fit is short and narrow-class snug throughout the lower. The spiral wrap Intuition liner rings the leg shaft like a boa constrictor. Testers liked the fit better post-molding. The process helped the foot seat into the floor of the shell and relaxed the bulk along the lateral side of the leg where the liner overlaps double up. Testers got used to the old-school Flexon style buckle adjust tracks and swinging cables after some fussin’ and cussin’.


Light and agile with a long-travel flex, said testers.  Lighter weight testers with low volume feet and slender legs liked it best. Bigger testers folded the boot over like a soft taco.  Those with thick calves had a hard time buckling the boot and were pushed too forward into a semi-wall-sit position.

The petite testers in the “like” column said the flex was super soft and the stance overly forward. They liked the boot for its quick lateral direction changes and ability to absorb mogul hits. Switch skiing and jib-centric testers approved its park-quotient but similarly wished for a more upright stance and stiffer flex and suggested upgrading to a stiffer tongue and removing the rear forward lean wedge at the base of the cuff.

Cool Features

Testers loved the look and the Intuition liner's extreme moldability. The cuff adjustment mechanism is old-school and a little tricky to set. Enlist professional bootfitting help to make the adjustment and don’t lose the bag of parts that come with it.

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Rumor $500


  • “Extremely comfortable full-contact tongue.” -- Filomena ' Mena' Dardani
  • “Intuition liner is very cozy.” -- Emma Christensen
  • “Snug around in the lower boot for a slender, low-volume foot!” -- Julia Carr
  • “This boot rocks in fast moves side to side—quick in the bumps. ” -- Liz Elling
  • “Easy in and out with a nice tongue feel.” -- Kelly Finnen


  • “Dumped forward—can't see my feet beyond my knees—thighs on fire!” -- Julia Carr
  • “Lacks support for downhill performance.” -- Kelly Finnen
  • “Buckles suck.” -- Liz Elling

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